Superbooth 24: Make Noise Prsspnt & Ch. Svr: pressure sensitive controller and utility modules

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Superbooth 24: Make Noise has unveiled two new Eurorack modules: Prsspnt, a new pressure-sensitive controller, and Ch. Svr, a utility tool

After the big Doepfer news for Superbooth 24, we continue with Make Noise. Many hoped for a new Erbe Verb, but it ended up being two small, affordable modules. But it could still be that there will be a big release for Make Noise’s Superbooth 24. There are still two weeks until the event

The new modules are called Prsspnt and Ch. Svr (Channel Saver).

Make Noise Presspnt & Channel Saver

Make Noise Prsspnt

PrssPnt, as the name suggests, is a new 4HP pressure-sensitive controller for Eurorack from its music Synthesizer module series. The module’s layout is very simple, with four sockets, two controls, and a touch-sensitive section. The latter is printed copper wire that you can press to generate signals.

The concept is similar to the beloved Pressure Points module or touch part of the 0-CTRL. However, Prsspnt is just a single-channel version with souped-up functionality. It gives you two CVs and two gate signals simultaneously, enabling various creative functions.

Prsspoint offers a momentary gate output that remains high as long as you press the plate. Then, there is a toggled gate output that goes high and low with each successive press of the plate. “Press it to make it go high; press it again to make it go low”

Make Noise Prsspnt

The pressure output generates a positve control signal proportional to the amount of Pressure applied, further tailored by the sensitivity panel control.

And there is also a carefully tuned slew limiter option. Turning up the Slew amount will allow for larger than life functions with very long decay to be generated by hand.

Make Noise Ch. Svr

Another new music Synthesizer module is the Ch. Svr (Channel Saver). It’s a clever utility module that offers several signal processor channels. Make Noise describes it as a condensation/extension of MATHS’s sum/offset/attenuversion aspects.

Channel Saver offers three channels with various processing options. First, you can scale, amplify, attenuate, or invert an incoming signal using channel 1 or 2. With the same channels, it’s also possible to generate DC offsets when they are unpatched.

Channel 3 allows you to crossfade between two signals or attenuate one signal. The module is suitable for making sums, and the INVerted sum buss can be used for addition, subtraction, mirroring, inversion, and more.

Thanks to the individual channel outputs (1/2), you can use all three channels independently. 

First Impression

Two excellent, useful new modules. The Prsspnt looks very interesting to me as it adds an expressive layer to every modular system. 

Make Noise Prsspnt (MSRP $89) & Ch. Svr (MSRP $99) are available soon from retailers.

More information here: Make Noise 

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