TINRS RectangularThing synth voice is coming back in a new DIY version

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At SynthFest France 2024, TINRS (This Is Not Rocket Science) announced they are working on a new DIY version of its RectangularThing synth voice.

This year, Stijn and Priscilla from This is Not Rocket Science (TINRS) attended SynthFest France 2024 for the first time. In addition to their epic Fenix IV Synthesizer, which is now discontinued, they also brought their entire portfolio of modules.

The developers didn’t have any big news for SFF 2024, but they did have the good news that the RectangularThing synth voice is returning. According to Stijn in a revised version as a DIY project.

TINRS RectangularThing

TINRS RectangularThing DIY 

The RectangularThing is a classic synth voice for Eurorack with two oscillators with FM, soft/hard sync, and PWM, a mixer, highpass and lowpass filters, two envelopes, and two VCAs. Everything you want in a synth voice.

The linked picture is still the old version. TINRS is currently working on a new version. What new features will be added is not yet known. According to Stijn, they have learned a lot from developing the Fenix IV semi-modular synth and want to incorporate this knowledge into the new version.

One thing is certain: the new version of TINRS RectangularThing will not go into production. It will be published straight as a DIY project so that anyone can recreate it.

I linked my TINRS video from SynthFest France 2024 for anyone wanting to see what was on the booth. Plus, it includes an excellent, wild jam from Stijn.

TINRS RectangularThing DIY availability TBA. 

More information will follow here: TINRS

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