Blipblox After Dark, The Kid’s Synthesizer For Adults Is Ready For Pre-Order

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With the After Dark, the unique kids’ Synthesizer Blipblox has received serious synthesis functions that will increase adult curiosity. Ready for pre-order

At NAMM 2018, the developers of Playtime Engineering showed their very own Blipblox Synthesizer for the first time. The aim of this squeaky colorful and eye-catching Synthesizer has the goal to introduce children to the topic of synths and sound design in a playful way. You can’t go wrong with the device, some shrill sound always comes out of it, guaranteed. The developers, including Troy Sheets, quickly noticed that the original Blipblox also pulls adults, especially parents on the train.

From this observation emerged the After Dark, the big brother of the Blipblox with serious, versatile features for serious musicians ;). However, it is not that serious, it is still designed as a sound toy for children, but this time it takes also “older children” into account. At NAMM 2020 they showed the After Dark to the large audience for the first time and now it is available exclusively on Indiegogo to pre-order.

Blipblox After Dark

Start your musical journey the moment you turn it on!  The Blipblox After Dark is a fun electronic toy that’s ready for stage, studio or family room.  Designed to be safe and accessible for all ages.  Engineered with the latest synthesizer technology so anyone can produce professional-level sounds and beats.

On the interface, it’s basically identical, except that it has a more somber, darker color scheme. Somewhat more subtle and less flash. It’s got the same number of buttons, knobs, two giant levers, and a large speaker located in the center. The interface now also has more text that describes the functions. Something you didn’t need with the original Blipblox synth, which was only developed for children.

The engine has become much more powerful, versatile, and complex because the developers also want to make it more worthwhile for older users and professional musicians. However, standing on a stage with it looks a little weird, doesn’t it? It comes loaded with over 300 melodies custom-made by professional musicians that are supported by a new synth & drum machine.

The synth part includes 16 different oscillator types including pulse width, FM, sync, detune, and ROM-based wavetables with scanning and morphing functions. Plus it is equipped with a resonant multi-mode filter and multi-tap delay. Sounds can be modulated with the help of two LFOs, two envelopes and a 3-in & 3-out modulation matrix. The drum machine engine is loaded with over 100 pitch-shifting drum samples turns your synthesized sounds into danceable grooves. All this makes the synth much more flexible and musical.

Blipblox After Dark Backside

Connections For Musicians

The After Dark can also be easily integrated into any existing setup. It features a 5-pin MIDI In and ¼” stereo audio out that lets you connect and synchronize it to a keyboard, drum machine, or DAW thanks to MIDI time code.

Even though the After Dark now has a lot of synthesis functions, electronic musicians will pounce, it is still designed for children. For example, the knobs can’t be pulled off, there aren’t sharp corners or edges, and the plastic case is designed to take hard hits, drops, and spills. It’s completely safe for kids and of course older kids.

At a second glance (first look at NAMM) you can clearly see that the Blipblox has grown up. Content-rich with lots of synthesis power but still visually playful and eye-catching for young and old. It is also grown up sonically. Significantly richer sounds that fit better in music productions. The child plays with it in the morning, in the evening the father/mother or together in the studio. It’s not an instrument for children, no, it’s for the whole family.

Blipblox After Dark is available now for pre-order on Indiegogo for $179 USD or in a bundle with the original Blipblox for $308 USD. The official retail price will be $199 USD. Shipping starts in November 2020.

More information here: Playtime Engineering

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