Puremagnetik Twine, an experimental LoFi multi-FX mixer plugin

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Puremagnetik Twine is a new experimental-flavored LoFi multi-FX plugin with six unique algorithms, controllable with a mixer workflow. 

I have already outed myself as a Puremagnetik plugin lover. That’s because they take a different, fascinating path than many other developers. Their plugins are inspired by the workflow of classic guitar pedals where you can tweak everything with your fingers. Here, too but in plugins. 

Instead of trillions of parameters hidden behind multiple pages, you have a few, very effective hands-on parameters. The latest plugin Twine follows this “pedal” simplicity and incorporates it in a mixing workflow. 

Puremagnetik Twine

Puremagnetik Twine

Twine is a unique take on a multi-FX processor. The idea is based on the concept of a mixer console, where each channel has its custom effect. With the vertical sliders, you can set the exact proportion that goes into the signal in the channel. Easy, say a dry/wet mix setting.

Then, each channel offers mood and chance controls. Mood modifies the character of the algorithm, which probably is a macro control that tweaks internally various other parameters.

Chance, on the other hand, affects the probability that the algorithm will come through the mix. This can produce very different, evolving results.

Six algorithms with a strong LoFi focus are available. One in each channel. It would have been even more interesting if you could change the algorithm per channel to achieve various routings. 

  • Warp: a classic analog “tape” warp that alters the signal with slight pitch shifts, wows, and flutters
  • Crunch: a LoFi digital distortion algorithm with wild bit crunching 
  • Skip: granular buffer processor 
  • Ghost: a light feedback matrix that produces phase offsets and sonic ghosts or “doppelgängers” effects
  • Baud: a ring modulation effect combined with spectral blurring
  • Pulse: a tremolo effect that adds everything between shimmering modulation to pulse-driven effects

Further, it includes Puremagnetik’s Jumble randomization function and a good set of factory presets.

First Impression

An intruiging effect plugin from Puremagnetik. One that delves into noisy sound worlds. Even if there are many LoFi plugins, it offers algorithms that differ significantly from classic wow and flutter-based effects. 

Puremagnetik Twine is available now as a part of their monthly device membership for $9/month or $89/year. After one month, it will be available in the back catalog for $25. It runs as VST, VST3, and AU plugins on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel) and Windows. 

More information here: Puremagnetik 

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