Klanghelm updates its no-brainer mastering plugins with native Apple Silicon M1 support

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Klanghelm has published updates for its no-brainer effects and mastering plugins (DC8C, SDRR…) with native Apple Silicon M1 support. 

For those who haven’t seen it yet, the coverage for Black Friday 2021 has started in full. We’ll see who has the best deals, the highest percentages. But there are also non-participating manufacturers. Refreshingly different in these crazy days. ValhallaDSP does stunning effect plugins for macOS and Windows but never makes sales.

Even not for Black Friday or Christmas. No upgrades, no crossgrades…they always cost $50 for new and existing customers. Never the risk of paying too much. The ValhallaDSP in the mastering area is Klanghelm. Stunning plugins for ridiculously small prices. And Klanghelm recently released free updates for macOS that makes me very happy.

Klanghelm Apple Silicon

Klanghelm Apple Silicon M1

Klanghelm SDRR saturation, MJUC variable tube compressor, DC8C advanced compressor… all fantastic plugins at no-brainer prices. The big news of these updates is the native Apple Silicon M1 support. This means that the plugins now benefit from the new CPU architecture and run more efficiently on M1 computers.

These updates make me happy because a manufacturer like Klanghelm is able to deliver M1 updates so quickly and without selling an update plan/serice. Big thanks Klanghelm!

The new Klanghelm Apple Silicon M1 updates are available now as a free download. The plugins range from 14€ up to 24€.

More information here: Klanghelm 

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