Klanghelm Updated DC8C & DC1A Compressor Plugins To V.3

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The excellent compressor plugins DC8C & DC1A from Klanghelm have received free updates today with new useful features

Klanghelm’s products are absolute plugin insider tips because they offer great result for a very low price. With the new updates, two of them are getting even better. The developer released today major updates for the DC8C & DC1A compressor effect plugins for PC & Mac. DC8C now features a very handy GUI resizing feature, AGC, an improved preset browser, linear  phase oversampling filters and much more.

The DC1A update is smaller but also important to mention. It comes now with a new mix control that enables parallel compression. Also the VU received a upgrade and is now switchable between output and gain reduction.


DC8C is one of the most flexible compressors around. While making a lot of different compression styles possible, it’s general nature may be described as: clear, smooth, open, distinct.

The main goal while designing DC8C was to get a very clean compressor action without unwanted and often almost inevitable artifacts/distortion. This way you can achieve almost invisible compression for your most demanding mastering sessions, when you want to avoid coloration.

New In DC8C

  • A platform independent preset browser with easy copy/paste/save-as-default.
  • AB-ing.
  • GUI-resizing.
  • Meter can now operate as a peak meter with peak hold indicator, on stereo tracks the peak meter shows both left and right channel information separately.
  • AGC (automatic gain reduction).
  • Linear phase oversampling filters.
  • Overhauled compression algorithms for smoother operation and more natural attack.
  • and much more…


DC1A looks like a one trick pony. But don’t get fooled by the lack of additional controls. You may be surprised on how many different material this little thing works. DC1A has a few tricks up its sleeve: negative (over) compression, parallel (New York style) compression, option to compress left and right channel independently (via the DUAL MONO switch), peak and RMS compression (RELAXED switch on) and DEEP activates a high pass filter to reduce pumping on bass heavy material

New In DC1A

  • new mix control for parallel compression
  • VU is now switchable between output and gain reduction.

DC8C for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is now available for 23 EUR and the update is free of charge. DC1A is a free download.

More information here: Klanghelm

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