XOR Electronics NerdSEQ 2.0, big feature firmware update and new Multi-IO expander

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XOR Electronics has released the NerdSEQ 2.0 firmware with many new functionalities and a new multi-IO expander with USB & MIDI connectivity.

The sequencer workflow is generally horizontal. Steps are programmed from left to right. There are exceptions. One of them is the NerdSEQ from XOR Electronics. This is a MIDI and CV/gate/trigger sequencer where the notes are sequenced vertically. More precisely, it is based on the tracker concept.

This exotic module on the Eurorack sequencer market received a big update just before Christmas. 

XOR Electronics NerdSEQ 2.0

XOR Electronics NerdSEQ 2.0

NerdSEQ 2.0 is a big free update. The focus of the update is primarily on the controlling and I/O side. There are many new MIDI-related features, some clever sequencer additions, and features that come with the new Multi-IO expander. The full change log is available here

The new firmware 2.0 introduces a new mapping screen that is the new control center of the NerdSEQ to modulate or map nearly everything with everything.

A cool addition is the new scale screen, offering 90 built-in presets and the ability to create own user scales. You can set an independent scale per track, globally, and more.

New conditional functions are also part of this new firmware 2.0, opening the door for creating small scripts or some live coding. XOR Electronics created a bouncing ball generator or a running turning machine. 

Then, you can control the pattern launch, mute, solo, etc, via MIDI. Plus, you record filters for MIDI CC, channel aftertouch, pitch bend, poly aftertouch, and program change.

The new Multi-IO expander also brings new features. You get three independent MIDI streams and a new I2C/Multi tracktype. The latter controls I2C destinations for 6 columns for six columns (notes, pitches), three FX, drummatrix (16x Triggers/Gates) and groove.

Firmware 2.0 also introduces the ability to use any source to clock individual tracks. A nerdy, fun new feature is also the option to use a SEGA gamepad as a source. 

XOR Electronics NerdSEQ 2.0 Multi-IO

Multi-IO Expander

Besides the massive 2.0 update, XOR Electronics released the Multi-IO, a new expander that adds new USB and MIDI I/O to the sequencer. 

It offers USB host and device connections, TRS-A-MIDI jack and two I2C ports that can be leader or follower.  The latter allows you to connect your I2C-capable module and get access to 100 virtual patch cables.

According to Thomas of XOR Electronics, the new firmware ships with I2C implementations for ER-301, distingEX, Just Friends, and the faderboxes 16n, sweet16, and f8r.  Additionally, you get buttons and an encoder knob for more convenient NerdSEQ programming. 

The new USB host port is handy because you can connect any MIDI class-compliant to the sequencer using a classic USB cable.

First Impression

I’m not an owner and active user of the NerdSEQ sequencer, but this looks like a neat update with great new features. The Multi-IO, in particular, would be a must-have and purchase if I used a NerdSEQ. 

XOR Electronics NerdSEQ 2.0 firmware is available now as a free update for existing users. NerdSEQ is available now for 528€ + VAT. 

More information here: XOR Electronics 

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