GEOSynths Secrets Vol 3, new sounds for the Arturia Polybrute Synthesizer

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GEOSynths Secrets Vol 3 is a new patch library featuring 96 new sounds for the Arturia Polybrute analog polyphonic Synthesizer. 

New sounds for Polybrute users. Sound designer and YouTuber Jamie Morden, aka GEOSynths, has expanded his Secrets series with another volume.

Vol 3 is officially out and once again enriches the Polybrute with a plethora of captivating and diverse new sounds. 

GEOSynths Secrets Vol 3

As a reminder, the PolyBrute is Arturia’s first all-analog polysynth with six voices, dual filter architecture (Steiner/ladder), impressive modulation power, effects, and more.

Secrets Vol 3 is a new patch library that benefits from the newly introduced features in firmware 3.0, including a new stereo layer mode, seven new distortion FX, and more. It comes with 96 new patches, focusing on refining tone and texture, leveraging the unique capabilities of the Polybrute, says GEOSynths.

It includes plenty of dynamic motion pads, slow-evolving string pads, impactful bass & lead patches, alongside polysynths and arpeggiators. I’m sure friends of ambient music and film scoring will quickly find what they’re looking for in this library.

Each patch uses Polybrute’s dual-layer (A/B) engine, giving you the option to create subtle nuances or complete sonic transformations. Jamies says that most patches are pre-configured with controller mappings such as filter, LFO rates, and vibrato. 

First Impression

As a non-Polybrute owner, I listened to the linked demos and found a lot of exciting sounds that made me want to play them. Great work Jamie. 

GEOSynths Secrets Vol 3 is available now for $39 or is part of a bundle with all three volumes with over 250 patches for $99. 

More information here: GEOSynths

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