Arturia Polybrute 3.0, new distortion FXs, stereo layering option, and more

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Arturia has updated its polyphonic analog Synthesizer PolyBrute to firmware 3.0 with all-new distortion effects, stereo layering option, and more.

The Brute is Arturia’s analog synthesizer and drum machine series. It all started with the MiniBrute in 2016. The Drumbrute, the MicroBrute, MatrixBrute… followed. The most advanced Synthesizer in the series to date is the PolyBrute, Arturia’s first polyphonic analog instrument.

The PolyBrute is more on the smooth sonic side than the other Brute synths. It doesn’t have the raw aggressiveness of the MatrixBrute or the first MiniBrute. This now changes a bit with the new firmware 3.0.

Arturia PolyBrute 3.0 firmware

Arturia Polybrute 3.0 Firmware

The developers released firmware 3.0 today as a free update for all PolyBrute users. This included some exciting new features.

It starts with an all-new distortion FX category featuring seven types of crunch perfect for creating aggressive tones or adding character to existing sounds. It includes the following modes: subtle tape, classic distortion, soft clip, worn-out tape, germanium, bit-crusher, and downsample.

There’s a lot you can do with this, and fans of aggressive, raw sounds, in particular would be happy about the addition.

Then, you can benefit from more flexible effects routing. Dig deeper into PolyBrute’s signal chain and rewire its effects to suit your sound design flow. This can be seen in the insert and send modes that you can now re-order

Polybrute 3.0 also offers a wider range of tuning options, including deeper individual oscillator tuning and transpose options for the keyboard to suit a particular track or style.

Another highlight of this free update is a new stereo layer mode. You can now allocate one voice to the left channel and one to the right to add increased natural width to PolyBrute’s sound. This allows you to craft sounds that benefit more from the stereo field.

Arturia also promises better and quicker communication between the PolyBrute and the Connect editor software. Plus, it ships with numerous fixes and other smaller new features, improving the workflow. Reloading your last saved preset on startup to more features & parameters displayed on-screen in real-time, and more.

To round off the free firmware 3.0 update, Arturia also ships it with a reworked patch library, including 350 new presets highlighting the new features. Many were designed by sound designer and keyboardist Diego Tejeida, who recently started his new prog metal project Temic.

First Impression

A great update for the PolyBrute Synth. Above all, the new distortions are a good expansion of the engine, perfect for immersing yourself in much dirtier sounds

Arturia Polybrute 3.0 firmware update is available now as a free download for existing users.

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