Glitchmachines Palindrome 2, morphing granular synth plugin gets a major upgrade

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Glitchmachines Palindrome 2 is a major upgrade of its morphing granular Synthesizer/sampler plugin with new features, and more.

Glitchmachines has been reworking its fascinating experimental plugins for several years. In 2020 there was Polygon 2.0, in 2022 Cataract 2.0, and last year two more major upgrades for the experimental multi-FX plugins Subvert and Convex 

Palindrome, one of the biggest plugins from Ivo Ivanov’s portfolio, has now also received a major upgrade. For granular enthusiast, read on.

Glitchmachines Palindrome 2

Glitchmachines Palindrome 2

Palindrome 2 is not a free upgrade. It costs $25 for existing P1 users but comes with numerous new features and a refined user interface

The plugin remains the same Synthesizer/sampler in its core. Four granular samplers form the sound source part supported by effects, unique morphing capabilities, and plenty of modulation options.

According to Glitchmachines, version 2 offers an overhauled granular engine to make samples more malleable. Besides the controls of v1, each granular sampler slot now hosts new jitter controls, a modulable rate control, and various new smoothing algorithms.

Also onboard is again a dual modulable insert FX processor in each slot. It includes four filter types, three distortion types, ring modulation, and delay. With version 2.0, you can also work with a vowel filter and a bit-crusher effect.

Morphing between the four slot outputs in a grid using drawable routes and different play heads is one of the big highlights of the Palindrome v1 synth. Also in v2. This benefits from the new interface that makes morphing more clearly visible.

New in v2 are zone solo modes, giving you the option to isolate the signal of a single sample module. Especially handy in sound design.

Expanded Modulation

On the modulation side, Palindrome 2 incorporates again with eight user-definable multi-breakpoint modulation envelopes. These can be drawn in a dedicated editor. Version 2 ships with new curves and eight envelope-shape presets. giving you more flexibility to create custom modulators. 

Then, you can explore four random modulation sources available in four blue nodes with the letters A, B, C, and D. They can be mapped using drag-and-drop and triggered each time a new note is triggered.

Every purchase (incl. upgrade) ships with a new factory sample library (1.5GB) and an updated preset bank system with 80+ new presets. Not to forget, Ivo Ivanov from Glitchmachines also promises performance optimizations in v2. 

First Impression

A lovely, comprehensive upgrade for the Palindrome Synthesizer. Nice to see that Glitchmachines decided to take the Palindrome adventure more steps further. Not for free, but it’s understandable for me to charge for a major upgrade from such a small developer as Glitchmachines.

We’re not talking about a bread-and-butter plugin that appeals to a lot of people, here we’re in the niche, experimental sound design world. 

Glitchmachines Palindrome 2 is available now for $79. Existing Palindrome 1.0 users can upgrade for $25/22€. It runs as a 64-bit only VST3 and AU plugin on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel) and Windows.

Both the plugin and the upgrade are also available on Plugin Boutique with the GWP (gift with purchase) of February. 

More information here: Glitchmachines

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