Leak: Arturia is about to release the Polybrute Noir Edition

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Leak: U.S. retailer Pitbull Audio has today leaked the Arturia Polybrute Noir Edition with the same feature set, only with new black clothes.

The Polybrute was Arturia’s first analog polyphonic Synthesizer. They had already achieved polyphonic digital in hardware with the quirky Origin desktop synth back in 2009.

The extensive feature set that combines classic analog synthesis with modern control makes the Polybrute a fascinating instrument: 6 voices, 2 oscillators, two filters, sound morphing, Morphée 3D controller, a touch strip, and more. Arturia will soon be adding more to the Polybrute chapter. A new leak shows where the journey goes.

Leak Arturia Polybrute Noir Edition

Leak Arturia Polybrute Noir

Pitbull Audio, a US retailer, leaked a new Polybrute last night. It’s not about a Polybrute 2 but about the Polybrute Noir Edition (the link is dead). This is a logical step since Arturia usually releases its products in new colors after a while. In the case of analog instruments, they publish them in black, named the Black Edition.

In this new version, everything appears in the new black look, even the eye-catching multi-axis Morphée controller on the left side. The classification of the features as well as the orange/green border of the filters (steiner parker + ladder) provide a bit of contrast.

Leak Arturia Polybrute Noire Edition

Same Powerful Engine

As with all Noir editions, the feature set of the synth remains the same as the non-noir editions: 6 analog voices of polyphony, 2 multi-wave oscillators with the beautiful metalizer shaper, PWM, linear FM, and hard sync.

Leak Arturia Polybrute Noir Edition

Then, you get 2 unique-flavored analog filters (steiner parker, ladder), three envelopes, three LFOs, a big modulation matrix, three stereo-digital effects, and more. Not to forget the powerful built-in step sequencer, the futuristic Morphée touch, and pressure-sensitive 3D controller…

Everything we knew from the regular Polybrute but dressed only in new Noir clothes.

The regular Arturia Polybrute is available now for €2399. It is not yet known when the Polybrute NOIRE Edition will be announced. According to the leak, it will cost $2699 USD in the U.S.

More informaton here: Arturia

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