Elektron Analog Heat + FX 1.01, new OS update adds randomization and more

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Elektron Analog Heat + FX 1.01 is a new free OS update that adds randomization power and other new features to the Swedish hybrid processor.

The release of the Elektron Analog Heat + FX at Superbooth 23 was very surprising. I think very few people have an update on their radar. Of course, only the team and all those under NDA knew about it. Initially, the device was greeted with very mixed reactions. “More of a repackaging Analog FX with effects” etc. Also, I was unsure about it. 

But I think the new Analog Heat is a bit of a late bloomer, and people only slowly realize how interesting the box is. I see more and more jams with it. Now, there is an OS update 1.01 that further adds value to the device. Maybe it’s also another boost for more new users.

Elektron Analog Heat FX 1.01 OS

Elektron Analog Heat + FX 1.01

Reminder: the Analog Heat + FX is a hybrid stereo processor packed with analog and digital effects. It hosts eight different distortion circuits (boost, saturation, enhance…), seven analog filter types, a 2-band EQ, 8 digital effects, and a good portion of modulation.

An exciting and unique feature is the ability to determine the signal path of the effects freely. This is valid for the analog and digital effects. First reverb, then analog filters and distortions, or vice versa, no problem.

The new OS update 1.01 makes this hybrid engine even more extensive. No new effects, but more creative and modulation options. All new is parameter randomization, allowing you to randomize parameter pages with the touch of a button easily. This is perfect for experimentation and getting inspired by the results.

Then, you can work with an all-new LFO slew to smooth your LFO transitions. More slew lets you take your time with the switch and keep things less drastic. A feature that needs to be in every digital LFO. It’s super handy.

With the new momentary active function, you can easily deactivate the effects and switch them on again with the push of a button. Oh yes, there are also neat new parameters you shouldn’t miss, including output gain, which sets the volume, or FX to USB, which takes care of the audio levels for USB output.

The days of untitled presets are also done. The new Analog Heat + FX 1.01 also ships with a random name generator. Hopefully, with a bit of creativity inside. Otherwise, I could let a cat run over the keys, and the result would be the same.

Elektron also says there are improvements to performance, navigation, and display. The full change log is on the website. No video of the new features but here is my dirty jam from Superbooth 23. 

First Impression

An excellent update. Not a massive one but one that beautifully refines the Analog Heat + FX in different corners. It’s a device that is still on my list to test out.

The new Elektron Analog Heat + FX 1.01 is available now as a free update for existing users. 

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