Elektron Overbridge 2.0 Public Beta Released!

Audio Over USB, Standalone & VST Editor!

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It’s finally here! Elektron has today released the public beta of Overbridge 2.0. It gives you full control over your Elektron hardware unit from your DAW.

Elektron Overbridge 2.0


After several rounds of internal and closed beta testing, we are now happy to announce the release of the Overbridge 2.0 Public Beta. This is a public beta, as opposed to a stable release. As a result, we encourage you to submit any queries or issues to our support channels. The public beta will continue until we are in a position to release a stable version. 


Each Elektron Overbridge device typically exposes all individual track/voice channels as separate USB Audio channels, for multi-track recording into DAWs. Some Elektron Overbridge devices such as the Analog Rytm and Analog Four also allow you to route audio from a computer host into individual track audio paths for intricate processing. The Analog Heat acts entirely as a sound processing unit. The plugin routes audio from your computer host, through the effects chain and back into the host.

All Elektron Overbridge devices allow you to play audio from the computer host directly to the device’s main output, making the device act as a sound card for playing back music etc. The Overbridge Control Panel application is bundled together with the drivers, providing a simple channel monitor for your devices.

Elektron Overbridge 2.0

The Suite Includes

  • Audio over USB functionality for all Overbridge-enabled devices
  • Overbridge Control Panel
  • Overbridge Engine
  • Standalone Editor for Analog Four, Analog Heat, Analog Keys, Analog Rytm and Digitakt
  • VST Plugin, Mac and Windows for Analog Four, Analog Heat, Analog Keys, Analog Rytm and Digitakt
  • Digitone Standalone Editor and Plugin are currently in development and will be released at a later date.

USB Audio drivers for Windows and macOS

The USB Audio Drivers will expose Audio and MIDI-interfaces for Elektron Overbridge devices. On Windows, WDM and ASIO audio interfaces are provided. On macOS, HAL and CoreAudio audio interfaces are provided.

Standalone Editor for Windows and macOS

The Standalone Editor allows for controlling the Overbridge enabled devices parameters via a GUI desktop application and also managing sounds and samples on the device. The Overbridge Engine handles all USB communication between your connected Elektron device and the standalone editor.

Elektron Overbridge 2.0

VST Plugin for Windows and macOS

The Plugin allows for controlling the Overbridge enabled devices and stream audio via a VST Plugin. This makes it possible to sequence, sync and automate the device with your DAW. Audio will be streamed to the plugin making it possible to use your audio interface of choice in your DAW while still receiving audio from your unit.
The Overbridge Engine handles all USB communication between your connected Elektron device and the VST Plugin.

Total Recall

This feature lets you save projects from Overbridge enabled devices into your DAW’s project. Total Recall can be enabled by pressing its icon in the plugin. The unit will then sync the project files with the DAW. When opening a DAW project that has Total Recall enabled and a synced project the unit will ask you to confirm that you want to transfer the project from the DAW to the unit’s active project. Any unsaved projects will be lost.

DAW Support

This version will work best with Ableton Live. But other DAWs will be supported as the beta progresses. AU plugins are not yet available, so if Logic is your DAW of choice, use the standalone version to record with and then import the tracks manually to Logic. Or select the unit as your audio interface. Or use an aggregated device.

More information here:  Elektron

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