CatSynth Slimline, new modular brand with eleven budget-friendly 2HP modules

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CatSynth is a new German modular company launching 11 all-new Slimline 2HP modules, including modulations, CV utilities, etc.

Getting started with hardware modular synthesis can be expensive if you start with individual modules instead of semi-modular voices. With a tight budget, you will be happy with any affordable module. No matter whether it is an oscillator, filter, mixer, or the all-time favorite buffered multiple.

In 2024, the new German company CatSynth launched its activity with very affordable modules (no affiliation to the YT channel CatSynth TV). They offer modules with very bread-and-butter functions in very space-saving 2HP.

CatSynth Slimline 2HP

CatSynth Slimline

The current Slimline lineup consists of 11 new 2HP modules in the Slimline series. There is also one in 3HP in a Classic series. Prices range from 24€ to 40€, which is very affordable.

It starts with a dual-buffered multiple (24€) that gives you various distribution options. Thanks to the normalization of the second input, you can multiply a single signal up to 6 times (1x 1 – > 6). 

Alternatively, you can use it in dual mode and route two different signals in the module, allowing you to create up to three copies of the channel. So, a 2×1 – > 3 configuration. A single-buffered multiple (24€) is also available with 1 in, 7 outs, and a feedback LED.

The second module is a classic ADSR envelope (40€) with controls over every stage, an integrated LED for visual feedback, a switchable timebase setting, and a manual trigger button.

Then, there is a dual sample & hold generator (35€) with two independent channels and internal normalization of the in and trigger channels of channel 2. 

CatSynth Slimline 2HP

More 2HP Modules

Another inexpensive switchable logic gate (30€) is another neat module in the new Slimline series. It has switchable OR, AND, and XOR functions and an inverter normalized in the first stage. The latter allows you to reverse the logic operation.

Next, you can find a simple 4-channel mono mixer (35€) with dedicated pots that handle audio and CV signals. There is also a handy clock divider (30€) with four different time division outputs (1:2, 1:4, 1:8, and 1:16), a reset input, and an LED for visual feedback.

This new series also includes a two-channel voltage-controlled analog switch (25€) and a precision rectifier (30€). The latter offers full-wave rectification and separate outputs for the positive and inverted negative half-wave. 

Further, the Slimline portfolio also features a slew limiter (40€) with CV-controllable rise and fall parameters and a classic VCA (40€) with linear and logarithmic options.

Besides the new Slimline, CatSynth also published a new 4-channel mixer with 6HP in the classic series with LED feedback and master control for 30€.

First Impression

In front of the screen, you ask yourself why I cover such simple modules. Yes, you are right; they are not groundbreaking new modules. There are tons of others like these. I covered it to show you can start with Eurorack despite a tight budget.

These modules are perfect if you need some extra functionality without spending a lot of money and rack space. 

CatSynth Slimline and the first Classic modules are now available for added prices in the descriptions + shipping from Germany.

More information here: CatSynth

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  1. For those that would question why you would you cover such simple modules – I say, why would you NOT cover them? These are all great utilities. Perfect as you say for someone on a budget, or wanting to build a small system.

    I rely on a few outlets for finding out about such modules, so please keep them coming!

  2. I have several modules of Michael’s Slimline range, all of them are well designed, sturdy bread-and-butter-modules for a moderate price. Michael is a really nice guy, very responsive and very forthcoming in case of issues.

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