Squarp Instruments Hermod+ 1.10, new firmware adds on air mode to the sequencer

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Squarp Instruments Hermod+ 1.1 is a new firmware update that adds a new chromatic play mode (on air mode) to the CV/gate/MIDI sequencer. 

In the summer of 2023, Squarp Instruments released an all-new version of its popular Hermod Eurorack sequencer. The + version not only offers more features, it is also easier to use thanks to the new screen, giving you better visual feedback. 

The French developers have dropped a new firmware 1.10 with a new “ON AIR mode.” In this new mode, the 16-pad grid turns into a chromatic keyboard, enabling you to play and record notes. Scrolling the selected note will transpose the keyboard and set the note to the bottom-left pad.

You can also use it in the MOD tracks, where you can play modulation values with the 16 pads. Besides this, they optimized and fixed various bugs.


Article From June 20, 2024

France has become one of the biggest countries for Synthesizer-related products world in recent years. Many innovative companies are at home here. In addition to Arturia, and Expressive E, you can find here Squarp Instruments, which has the powerful flagship Hapax sequencer in its portfolio.

Even before that, they drew attention to themselves with the clever Pyramid sequencer or the Eurorack version, the Hermod. Squarp has now completely revised the latter, showing the Hermod+ as an evolution.

Squarp Instruments Hermod+

Squarp Instruments Hermod+

Hermod+ (26HP) is a new Eurorack sequencer with 8 CV/Gate tracks and 8 dedicated MIDI tracks for extra external gear. Plus, the 8 CV/Gate tracks can also output MIDI, so basically, 16 MIDI tracks.

The concept of the module remains the same in many areas. According to Squarp, the new Hermod+ is based on the established Hermod workflow and keeps the same form factor.  However, it has been significantly expanded with more features and is easier to use. This makes a new large OLED display possible where the user gets a higher level of detail in the parameters and menus.

Hermod+ introduces a brand-new developed operating system

The Hermod+ real–time Operating System has been redesigned from scratch, like its hardware, combining stability with a intuitive user interface to never stop your creative flow. Looking for the latest Hermod+OS for your device

CV/Gate/MIDI Tracks

Each track can host up to 16 patterns with a recording resolution of 96ppqn. The track length can be 1/16 note to 16 bars. There is also a song mode chain option with up to 64 sequences. Per step, you have a maximum polyphony of 24 voices.

Hermod+ is not a simple Eurorack sequencer; it is a powerhouse with many extra functions. This includes polyphonic step composing with a revised piano roll editor allowing your intuitive polyphonic edition. Thanks to the 16 built-in pads, you can edit or program chords, melodies, and rhythms very quickly

It allows gives you the possibility to program and record automated modulation for CV and/or MIDI signals for each track. Plus, you can record MIDI aftertouch, pitch-bend, and sustain voices in the sequencer.

CV/MIDI Effects

One of the strengths of the Squarp Instruments sequencer was the sophisticated real-time CV/MIDI effects that can be used per track. These are also included in the Hermod+. Up to 8 can be used simultaneously per track, including arp, chance, delay, envelope, filter, euclidean, LFO, glide, to note, harmo, ratchet, random, scale, and swing.

Another new feature is the ability to create generative music. You can generate patterns on the fly through the pattern generator, in a controlled-randomized way. I’m curious how deep this goes.

Squarp Instruments Hermod+

Loop Analog Modulation and ModMatrix

Hermod+ features four CV inputs which can be used for synchronizing it to an incoming analog clock or to record, edit and loop analog modulation or  CV/Gate. Thus, you can create complex modulations in another module and capture them in the Hermod+.

Further, there is also an advanced modulation matrix for linking incoming CV or MIDI CC messages to effect parameters, for example. And each modulation can be attenuverted and offsetted. A very clever functionality.

Projects can be quickly saved and recalled from an SD card. Project loading can now be done in sync, without interrupting your performance, says Squarp Instruments.


Also, the second generation of Hermod also has a lot of I/O. Next to the 16-pad matrix, you get

  • MIDI – TRS type A + USB hosts + USB device
  • 4x CV inputs  [-5V to +5V]
  • 8x CV outputs [-5V to +5V]
  • 8x gate outputs [0V / +5V]
  • dedicated clock port and reset port for transport.

First Impression

An excellent further development of the Hermod sequencer. I particularly like the new display, which gives you more direct feedback on what notes are being played, what modulations, etc

Squarp Instruments Hermod+ is available now for 460€ + VAT + free shipping.

More information here: Squarp Instruments 

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