Noise Engineering Imitor Versio, Mysterious Delay Module Made For Sonic Experimentations

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Noise Engineering Imitor Versio is a Eurorack delay of a special kind: from mysterious textures, big atmospheres up to wild sonic experimentations

This week I already reported about the new portal platform from Noise Engineering, with which you can easily exchange Versio module firmware. The Versio modules are based on the open-source Daisy DSP platform. I have to admit I’m a big fan of such platforms because they offer music producers a lot of possibilities. If you buy a Versio module, you have not just one but several others and all this is one click away.

The Desmodus Versio was the beginning and is a super unique stereo reverb that can create scary sound spaces. A Make Noise Erbe-verb style reverb but in darker and crazier. Now they are also pulling the classic delay effect into their mysterious, eerie sound world. Noise Engineering describes the Imitor Versio, aka an imitate versatile is a delay that pushs delay experimentation in new sonic fields.

Noise Engineering Imitor Versio

Noise Engineering Imitor Versio

Imitor Versio core uses 12 delay taps and a wide range of different parameters to make the delay perform in unfathomable ways. The interface layout is known, it is a Versio module, but it has different features. The blend knob is a wet/dry mixer, regen controls the feedback amount of the delay lines, and angle is a bipolar tone controller. The latter controls the delay tap installation:

Imagine that the delay taps are arranged in a circle in the L/R space. This control sets the amount that each tap is offset in that circle relative to the previous tap. For instance, at 1:00, the second tap will be rotated slightly further right than the previous, and the tap after that would be rotated even more, eventually looping back to the left side of the circle. At extreme clockwise/ counterclockwise values, taps bounce around the stereo field wildly.

Then, it features a skew function that changes the relative timing of the delay tapes, time controls the size, and an LFO that adds modulation and wide bandpass filtering to the delay line. It also hosts two switches and one button. With the LIM/DST/SHM switch, you can set the delay mode. This changes how the character of the feedback either clean, slightly distorted, or pitch-shifted shimmer. The >/=/< or BND/LRP/JMP set the behavior of the 12 delay taps. Left descrescendo, right crescendo, and center all taps are equal volume. Furthermore, we have a tap tempo button.

Experimental Delay

On the connection side, you have stereo inputs/outputs (LR), and CV control over all parameters including blend, angle, regen, spread, skew, LFO, time & tap. According to the developers, Imitor Versio is perfect for creating unusual echoes, experimenting with different delay shapes and patterns, adding vintage flair to an atmosphere, and more. If you turn the Regen control past 3:00, it also creates lovely sidechain-type effects.

All in all, it’s a tempting module. The first demos sound very good. To me, it has the same mysterious sound as the Desmodus Versio. Very unique and difficult to compare with other delays. Since the module is part of the Versio lineup, users of the Desmodus Versio can also load this firmware onto their module. The firmware is already available for free on the Portal platform.


  • 10 HP
  • +12v: 70ma, -12v: 70ma, +5v: 0ma

Noise Engineering Imitor Versio is available now for $345.00. They say that shipping from the US to other countries remains unpredictable and therefore you should support your local retailer to avoid long waiting times. I can highlight that: support your small modular shops, they need you now.

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