BLEASS Megalit 1.2, synth plugin now supports wavetable import (mac, iOS, win)

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BLEASS Megalit is a new 3-oscillator wavetable Synthesizer with a colorful, easy-to-use user interface, available for macOS, Windows, and iOS. 

UPDATE: Good news for all BLEASS Megalit users. The new free update 1.2 adds wavetable import to the synth on macOS, iOS, and Windows.

This massively expands the sound spectrum of the synth. Plus, the developers improved the RAM and CPU usage of this synth.


Article From November 11, 2022

The French developer BLEASS attracted attention a few years ago with its first very colorful and high-quality effect apps for iOS. Then came instruments, later also VST plugin ports. In the meantime, every release is offered in all three formats, which means they can reach a very large number of musicians.

It also shows that apps on mobile devices no longer have to hide behind a PC/Mac. BLEASS teased the latest plugin for a long time, now it’s officially here. With Megalit, the company enters the wavetable synthesis world.

BLEASS Megalit

BLEASS Megalit

Megalit is a new Synthesizer plugin that combines wavetable with subtractive synthesis. Like the other BLEASS plugins, the synth is very colorful but this has a clever concept. The features are divided into different sections/pages and the individual areas like oscillators, filters, envelopes each have their own color. Speaking for me, this color coding helps a lot with the workflow and makes it easier to keep track of things.

Back to the features. Meaglit has three versatile oscillators. There are two wavetable oscillators, each equipped with 135 wavetables (no import so far) that can be modified with a variety of parameters. You can adjust both the wavetable position and fold, allowing you to take the wavetables into new sonic fields. Plus, you get usual settings like octave, tune, fine-tune, and gain control.

The subtractive part consists of a single virtual analog oscillator with waveform blending, octave and gain control. It’s gets exciting when all three oscillators communicte and interact with each other. In dedicated interface section, you can apply frequency modulation to the oscillator without wasting an oscillator. There is a hidden fourth oscillator that is only there for the FM part with wave, coarse and amount controls.

Huge is the option to apply unison per oscillator which makes complex, rich-sounding patches possible. There is also a noise generator with dedicated low- and high-pass filtering.

Filter, Modulations, and Effects.

Then, the signals route into a low/high-pass filter section with routing options. You can either shape individual oscillators or pairs of oscillators. Additionally, you can process the sounds further right in the same section with a built-in waveshaper and bit-crusher.

BLEASS Megalit

On the modulation side, BLEASS is not stingy with features either. Megalit features four fully-customizable multi-LFOs, two ADSR envelopes, and an advanced motion sequencer. Users of other BLEASS plugins will certainly know this functionality. Onced activated, you can bring movement into your timbres, in a rather subtle or in a very rhyhtmic complex way.

Further, you get a multi-effects processor, consisting of a multi-band upward/downward compressor, delay and reverb. With these, the sounds can be given the finishing touch in the areas of harmonics, punchiness or even give them room.

Not to be underestimated are the many possibilities to integrate the plugin expressively with MIDI controllers, DAWs, etc. In a performance tab, you can map parameters to pressure, note on, keyboard, X-Y controls, or even work with MPE. Handy is also the built-in patch randomizer that gives constant new sounds. BLEASS ships Megalit with many presets. If that’s not enough, you can also buy sounds from the in-app.

iOS with AUv3

And there is good news for iOS users: Megalit goes also the mobile direction and is available as an iOS app with AUv3 support.

Yes, it’s another wavetable Synthesizer that joins the multitude of others that have similar features. BLEASS, however, manages to convince once again. Not only because of its high sound quality but mainly for its colorful user interface concept.

It’s dead easy to understand thanks to the different colors, and everything that goes with it like mapping modulation, is done in a flash. Many soft synths fail at this. They can do a lot, but are as inspiring to use as a washing machine manual. Big thumbs up for the new BLEASS release.

BLEASS Megalit is available now for an introductory “Black Friday” price of 49€ (reg. 99€). It runs a 64-bit VST3, AU, AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon) and Windows. The iOS version with AUv3 support is available for $14,99 USD.

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  1. The intriguing aspect lies in the contrast between the iOS and desktop versions, despite sharing the same underlying codebase. The process merely involves selecting different elements to generate the two distinct versions.

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