Korg opsix Mk2, altered FM synth with more voices and improved interface

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NAMM 2024: Korg opsix Mk2 is an updated version of its innovative altered FM Synthesizer with 64 voices and an improved interface.

The opsix is one of the most innovative synthesizers of recent years. This is because it makes FM synthesis significantly more accessible than any other FM synth to date. It also takes FM synthesis into new fields with different internal synthesis options.

For NAMM 2024 the opsix will receive an update in the form of a Mk2 version. After wavestate and modwave mk2 last summer, this is the last of the bunch. And hopefully the last Korg news for today.

Korg opsix Mk2

Korg opsix Mk2

The opsix Mk2 remains 99% the same Synthesizer as the original opsix. There are two changes.  

Opsix Mk2 now has 64 voices. This is a doubling of the voices compared to the original Opsix mk1. You can enjoy tone editing without worrying about the number of polyphony. 

A highlight of the Opsix is the color-coded operator mixer, which makes FM synthesis very accessible. This also got a makeover in the Mk2 version. It now comes with a new image color of green as an accent.

Like the other digital synths, it also benefits from the latest update that brings MIDI 2.0 Property Exchange. For this, Korg has updated the patches with polyphonic aftertouch modulation.  The rest of the features remain unchanged

  • six-operator FM synthesis with a wide range of waveforms, 40 algorithms, and a user algorithm designer
  • easy-to-use, accessible FM synthesis interface
  • six unique operator modes that goes beyond classic frequency modulation synthesis: FM, ring mod, filter, filter fm, wave folder, and effect mode (firmware v2)
  • eleven analog-modeled filter including from the MS-20 and Polysix
  • advanced modulation: three fully-customizable envelopes, three multi-wave LFOs…
  • 30 high-quality stereo effects
  • 16-step polyphonic sequencer with parameter automation
  • and more.

Why an Mk2? It’s probably because of the switch to a new Raspi generation and possible former delivery problems (chip shortage…). 

First Impression

The 64 Voices are a nice update. It was expected that the opsix would also get a mk2 version. Good, if you own an Mk1, you don’t need to run to the nearest shop. The Mk1 remains current; it just has fewer voices. So don’t worry.

Korg opsix MKII will be available in March 2024 for 899€.

More information here: Korg 

Available for pre-order at my partner


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  1. so double the original more than high enough number of voices & the lights around the operator knobs also go green!!! AMAZING!!! It takes you 4 years to bother to make a desktop version of it and otherwise this is it? oh and a better keyboard but still no actual poly aftertouch in the keyboard itself so not really a big deal.. and 900 euros! you can pick up 2 or 3 of the originals for that

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