FKFX Audio Sylab, new modulated vowel filter plugin, free for a limited time

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FKFX Audio Sylab is an upcoming new modulated vowel filter plugin; you can reserve it as a free download for a limited time.

The developers at FKFX Audio have released various plugins in recent years, all packed with features. Above all, these are characterized by very complex modulation options. Some of these plugins are or were available as a free download. 

A new plugin is coming very soon. It’s a wild vowel filter that will be released at the end of January. The best news is that anyone who pre-orders it gets it for free.

FKFX Sylab

FKFX Audio Sylab

Sylab is an upcoming vowel filter plugin for macOS and Windows. The core consists of a vocal filter with a built-in pitch-shifter supported by a powerful LFO engine from the new LFOGRID system.

The plugin has classic controls for the vowel filter, including color, the option to invert the vowels, and more. You can also activate the oscillator, change the note, and add false stereo to it.

Then, you have a pitch-shifter located after the vowel filter and before the gate. You can adjust it with three parameters (pitch, windows, and dry/wet). 

The modulation engine is a highlight. You can generate infinite LFO shapes in a dedicated editor with just a few clicks. With the morph knob on the UI, you can morph through the different curves saved in the editor. You can adjust the speed of it with the rate knob.

Reserve It Now

The plugin is not yet published.  But you can reserve it as a free download. So kind of pre-order. After entering the email, you will receive a serial number in your mailbox with which you can register it. 

First Impression

An interesting plugin. Since it hasn’t been published yet, I can’t give you a detailed impression. Since the developers have cool plugins in their portfolio so far, I think this one will also be a good one. 

FKFX Audio Sylab can be reserved as a free download until January 25, 2024. The plugin installers will also be available on the same day. The regular price will be $59. 

More information here: FKFX Audio

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