Dexed FM Synthesizer For iOS Update Adds 640.000 New Patches

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For some time, the well-known open-source FM Synthesizer Dexed Synth is also available for iOS. One thing is obvious: the app is not yet finished but rather under construction. Above all, the operation/interface needs to be refined and the speed still needs to be improved. The new Dexed Synth 1.0.48 update does not change that much, but at least some preliminary steps have been taken.

So the app is now more stable in AUv3 and standalone operation. Besides this, the developer added over 20.000 cartridges, each with 32 patches which means it features now over 640.000 patches. That’s a crazy number of available sounds. But you need a bit of time at the start because the app can take up to 5 minutes to load everything, so as I said before: not finished yet but on the good way.

Dexed for iOS

New In Dexed Synth 1.0.48

HERE IT IS! Happy Birthday everyone! Over 20,000 Cartridges added each with 32 patches each. Make sure you have a at least a good 5 minutes of power before initializing and do not force quit! I spent the last 35 hours with advanced duplicate checking algorithms to iron out the duplicates in the library. There were a ton of duplicates.

Also, lots of time getting this stable in AUM, GarageBand, and StandAlone. There will be a loading screen if the new master collection library needs to be added, and it takes a long time to initialize, so be advised. The download size increased quite a bit, so this is a BIG update!

The app is available now for $3.99 USD on the Apple App Store. The update is free of charge for existing users.

More information here: Dexed

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