KQ Dixie, iOS AUv3 6-OP FM Synthesizer is now available for macOS

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KQ Dixie is an iOS AUv3 6-operator FM Synthesizer that is modeled after the Yamaha DX-7, and the app is now available for macOS 

This morning I reported that the KQ Unotone Synthesizer app, which includes four Korg Monotron-like synths, is now available for macOS. Ryouta Kira is known for more apps.

Among other things, the KQ Dixie. It emulates the features and sound of the legendary Yamaha DX-7. This app is now also available for macOS as a free update for iOS users.

KQ Dixie macOS iOS

KQ Dixie

KQ Dixie is a Yamaha DX-7 emulation for iPhone, iPad, and macOS. Different from Dexed, the developer has built an interface here that is very lovely, graphical, and easy to use. This makes programming easier here. The app is a 1-to-1 port of the iOS version. So macOS users get the same features, so 156 voice parameters to play around with.

But that’s not all. KQ Dixie is also a multi-timbral synth with a filter and delay. So more than just a virtual DX-7. The main features are:


  • multitimbrality and unison
  • 32 algorithms
  • you can manage the hardware DX7 when it is connected to external MIDI cables.
  • supports DX-7 SysEX and syx files, zip files, micro-tuning (tun),
  • supports external and virtual MIDI
  • you can create patches for the Volca FM

Thanks Ryouta Kira for this free update.

KQ Dixie is available now for $8.99 on the Apple App Store. The macOS update is free of charge for iOS users.

Important note: Unfortunately, the Mac App Store is known to have a display bug regarding apps already purchased on an iOS device. In this case, you should still be able to continue purchasing and download the app for free. It runs as a standalone app and AUv3 plugin on macOS (Apple Silicon required).

More information here: Ryouta Kira 

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