Behringer has slashed the price of the MS-1 Synthesizer Mk1 (SH-101 clone) by 45%

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Behringer has slashed the price of its Roland SH-101 Synthesizer clone/replica MS-1 mk1 by 45% to 189€ in Europe and $199 in the US.

Last March, Behringer dropped the prices of many Synthesizer products in its portfolio by up to 60%. It took a while, but then retailers like Thomann and Sweetwater adjusted their prices. The discounts on modular systems were particularly significant. The price of the System 35 dropped from $2499 to $999.

Today they announced another significant price change. They have smashed the price of the MS-1 mk1 (red, blue, black) by 45% from 349€ to $199/189€ in the US and EU.

Behringer MS-1 price

Behringer MS-1 Price

45% less for a hardware synthesizer is anything but little. This discount is, however, only available on the Mk1 version. As reminder.

Last March, Behringer also announced the MS-1 mk2 with the V662A chip, a clone/replica of the Roland BA662 chip. According to Behringer, this vastly improves the VCF and VCA performance.

If you don’t care about this chip and can live with the sound of the mk1, you’ll get with the MS-1 mk1 a very authentic clone/replica at an excellent price. It is not yet known when the Mk2 will be delivered.


The MS-1 mk1 has a pure analog signal path with a single oscillator with four simultaneously-mixable waveforms (saw, triangle, square/PWM, and octave-divided square sub-oscillator). There is also a noise generator.

Then, it has a resonant VCF with four adjustable modulation destinations and 6 FM sources based on the Novamod. On the modulation side, it comes with the same ADSR envelope with three modes and the LFO.

Behringer’s SH-101 clone/replica has a 32 semi-weighted full-size keyboard, an arpeggiator, and a 32-step sequencer with 64 sequence locations. And, of course, you can mount a handgrip on it for live performances. And it has a USB connection and full MIDI sockets on the back.

The Behringer MS-1 price drop to $199/189€ is only valid on the mk1 red. Plus, in Europe, on the mk1 blue/black until supplies last. 

More information here: Behringer 

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