Squarp Instruments Hapax 2.0, new firmware with a creative feature boost

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Squarp Instruments Hapx 2.0 is a free firmware update that expands the sequencer with more patterns, adds new FXs and more. 

One or more sequencers are an integral part of most hardware-only setups. Or in modern: Dawless Setups. The French developers from Squarp Instruments presented the HAPAX, one of the most exciting sequencers, at Superbooth 22. 

It will celebrate its second birthday this year. This celebrates Squarp already in January with a new firmware 2.0, boasting tons of new creative features. 

Squarp Instruments Hapax 2.0

Squarp Instruments Hapax 2.0

Hapax 2.0 firmware is a free update packed with new creative features. I am starting with the tracks that now offer 16 patterns per track instead of 8. So double the fun. In the global section, you can autoload the last saved project and work with a new mode: mix/mute. 

Then, in the step of programming, there are also new changes and things to discover. A big addition is the new math NO FX condition for selecting notes that bypass the FX chain.  Also new is a follow needle function, an option to preview a note when adding a step, and quick step length changes with two fingers.

New Note/Sequencer FX

Two other highlights are brand-new sequencer effects. Highlights in Squarp Instruments sequencers with which you can make simple patterns very complex.

The first new FX is called FX Echo, and it creates copies of incoming notes simulating an audio echo effect by using the velocity data to decrease volume. You can work in monophonic or in up to 12-voice polyphonic, with sync/unsyc repetitions, and more. A lovely FX that gives your sequences an instant trippy vibe.

​A second new addition is the FX Output. It reroutes notes and controls messages to other outputs. Also new is a new automation mode called algorithmic curves. It applies a curve on automation attributes, including pitch as a destination. Great for adding movement to your tracks. 

Handy is the option to export a pattern as a MIDI file or import a MIDI file to a pattern. Some people have been waiting for this function.


Other New Features

  • pattern 
    • tracks stop 
    • pattern follow actions 
    • custom pattern colors 
  • project: pScale stick up / stick down / filter

In the settings, you can also now activate track latency compensation, assign more actions to pedals, and work with retrig gate outputs. There is also a new option to assign the sync input to the clock source and, from here, to the MIDI auto-detection.

Further, the live section also offers new parameters to select the velocity of the matrix pads and the RGB view (show notes in pattern, show scale in chromatic view). Hapax 2.0 also comes with various ergonomic improvements:

  • new screen sub-menu for anti-flicker options
  • palette: choose your color with HSL instead of RGB
  • screensaver 
  • project browser now support DELETE+CLICK to delete a project
  • MIDI monitor: now shows the input/output port of messages

First Impression

A nice belated Christmas present for the HAPAX community. Lots of nice new features. I’m pleased that Squarp Instruments maintains the HAPAX like this.

Squarp Instruments HAPAX 2.0 firmware is available now as a free download for existing users. Hapax is out now for $1149/1285€. 

More information here: Squarp Instruments

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