Behringer MS-1 Mk2, new Roland SH-101 clone revision with V662A chip

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Behringer MS-1 MK2 is a new revision of its Roland SH-101 analog clone/replica with a new V662A chip and dual glide function.

Some have wondered why the MS-1, Behringer’s analog clone/replica of the legendary Roland SH-101, is no longer available. Prices for second-hand units have meanwhile doubled on sales platforms such as “Ebay Kleinanzeigen” (Germany). Today the answer.

Behringer has been quietly phasing out the Mk1 for the last few months and released the Mk2 revision today.

Behringer MS-1 Mk2

Behringer MS-1 Mk2

The MS-1 Mk2 remains in the new revision, an authentic clone/replica of the Roland SH-101. A Synthesizer that has strongly influenced electronic music.

Also, the features remain 99% the same: you get a pure analog signal path with a single oscillator with four simultaneously-mixable waveforms (saw, triangle, square/PWM, and octave-divided square sub-oscillator). There is also a noise generator.

Then, it has a resonant VCF with four adjustable modulation destinations and 6 FM sources based on the Novamod. The MS-1 Mk2 also includes the recreation of the ADSR envelope with the three modes and the LFO.

Behringer’s SH-101 clone/replica has a 32 semi-weighted full-size keyboard, an arpeggiator, and a 32-step sequencer with 64 sequence locations. And, of course, you can mount a handgrip on it for live performances. And it has a USB connection and full MIDI sockets on the back.

Behringer MS-1 Mk2

New In The MS-1 Mk2

But there are new features and improvements in the MS-1 Mk2. The new Mk2 revision is based on the Coolaudio V662A chip, a clone/replica of the original Roland BA662 chip. According to Behringer, this vastly improves the VCF and VCA performance.

Further, they added a new dual glide function to the feature list. Nice upgrade for the MS-1. I’m curious how the whole thing is reflected in the sound.

Behringer MS-1 Mk2 price and availability TBA. As the MS-1 Mk2 is already in production I think it will be available soon like the Pro-800, Solina…

More information here: Behringer 

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  1. How will we know for sure if any current user makes a recent purchase for the Said MS-1 MK II?
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