Behringer is dropping prices on its synth products by up to 60% worldwide More price drops

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Behringer has announced that they will drop prices for its synthesizer products by up to 60% worldwide. The first new prices are online.

That prices for synthesizers went up is no longer news. I think one of the most prominent price adjustments remains that of Moog, which also sparked a lot of discussions. Now the situation in the chip market seems to have calmed down a bit, as there are price adjustments.

An hour ago I posted a deal article for a big discount on the Behringer Eurorack GO. I assumed that the product is on sale because of an upcoming new version. Wrong, shortly afterwards Behringer published a statement on Facebook that prices are now falling. And not a little.

Behringer prices

Behringer Facebook Releases

Up to 60% price reduction on all our synths. As semiconductors become more available and prices come down, we’re able to ramp up production. In line with our promise to share our savings with you, we’re really excited to lower our pricing by up to 60%.
Check out prices at our Superpartners’ websites and enjoy the savings. Thank you for all your support and loyalty. You’re the reason why we love what we do
This announcement seems to be correct and has already come into force. You can already see some major price adjustments.

As already written, the Behringer Eurorack GO case has dropped from 329€ to 249€ in Europe and from $349 to 229 in the US. So it’s back on the original release price. Many Eurorack modules have also fallen significantly in price. The Roland 100 replicas are available at better prices. For example, the Behringer 130 Dual VCA is now 78€ instead of 109€ (January) and the 305 EQ/Mixer/Output now 85€ (before 109€).

Update: has dropped the price of the WASP Deluxe Synthesizer to 160€.

Behringer Wasp Deluxe

Same for the Boogs and ARP 2500 replicas in Eurorack. Where previously the cheapest were €89, they now start at €66 in Europe. That’s very low.  The direction of prices is also clearly pointing downwards in the USA.

Behringer prices

It looks even more significant with the entire Boog Bundles. The biggest System 55 bundle got a price drop of $1400 USD.

These examples show that prices are decreasing, which is always welcome. I hope other companies follow suit soon. It is not known whether every dealer passes on up to 60% to customers. I don’t think, but I could be wrong.

More information here: Behringer 

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  1. So the prices are going back to the original MSRP. These companies realizing that raising prices and using inflation as the excuse didn’t work. Gotta love greedy capitalism.

    • They’re blowing out inventory that isn’t selling. Not everything has been reduced.

      • It will probably be step-by-step. Many retailers bought stocks at the old price, etc. But it shows the price direction is going down

  2. Yeah i also hope other manufacturers follow suit. for example, Noise Engineering modules (which have always been over priced IMO) are laughably inflated these days.

    • Some prices are reduced, as I stated in the article. Some others will probably never happen or come later. It depends on the dealer’s prices. The US is already a bit different in how they handle discounts.

  3. Ah yes, make products cheaper in the first-world markets while not stopping their prices creeping up in third-world markets. The Crave is still not under ~$320 here. Thank you Behringer, very cool!

  4. Why anybody would buy hardware synths nowadays, when you can get ten times as much for the same price if you buy soft synths, is beyond me. It’s completely psychological. “I feel better using a hardware synth, it sounds better.” No it doesn’t. You’re imagining it.

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