UVI HX-20, new Korg MS-20 inspired virtual instrument with synthesis and sampling

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UVI HX-20 is a new virtual synth instrument that creates new sounds using raw sound content from the legendary Korg MS-20 Synthesizer.

In October, there was great joy among all Falcon users. UVI releases a major 3.0 update with numerous new features. With new oscillators, effects, sequencers… and all as a free update. Not bad. It’s a truly sound workstation with tons of synthesis and sampling options.

The strength of the plugin is its library ecosystem, which is similar to the Kontakt verse. With the new HX-20, UVI introduces a new series of virtual instruments that benefit from the new Falcon 3. Don’t worry. If you don’t have Falcon, you can also use it in the free workstation. 



The HX-20 is a new hybrid instrument for Falcon 3 and UVI Free Workstation. This instrument is UVI’s tribute to the legendary Korg MS-20, a semi-modular analog Synthesizer. But the HX-20 is not an authentic emulation.

UVI has multi-sampled the MS-20 (13.000+ samples) and created its original instrument that expands the sonic range of the Japanese synth. According to the developers, it’s the first instrument that offers a new hybrid architecture.

HX-20 consists of four tabs: a main player page with macro controls and three pages allowing the editing of the sound (edit, FX, ARP). 

The core features two hardware-based wavetables with control over the shape, octave, color, pitch, and bend. Then, it hosts a sample-based oscillator with various multi-sampled sounds and various shaping options (sample start, color, etc.). Plus, you can mix in a noise generator.

MS-20 Filtering

All this goes through physically modeled MS-20 LP/HP filters on the oscillator and sample side. For each side of the engine, there are also dedicated envelopes for the filter and amp. For animating your sounds, the engine also offers two mappable LFOs and step modulators. 


With the built-in delay, reverb, drive, chorus, flanger, EQ, and maximize, you can give your sounds the final touch. These are also based on the high-quality algorithms of the UVI Falcon 3 Synthesizer.

Further, it hosts a powerful arpeggiator/step sequencer with advanced controls per step: velocity, link, mode, pitch, octave, gate, and pan. You can route the arp/sequencer to the oscillators, sample part, or both.

UVI ships the new virtual synth instrument with a wide range of presets, including Bass, Brass, FX, Keys, Leads, Pads, Pluck, Sequences, Arps, and more. They are created using the 182 layers and wavetables.

First Impression

At first glance, an exciting hybrid instrument. Since it is not an MS-20 emulation or advertised as this, the question of how authentic the instrument is is not relevant here. You get an inspiring instrument with ready-to-use sounds. From the few sound demos, they sound very crunchy and full of character. 

UVI HX-20 is available now for an introductory price of $49/49€ through December 11th, 2023 (reg. $79/79€). It runs in 64-bit in the flagship plugin UVI Falcon 3 or in the free UVI Workstation. You need a software iLok account that gives you three simultaneous authorizations on up to 3 computers or on an iLok dongle. 

More information here: UVI 

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