Psytrance Plugins Samplur PROEffects, 20 free effects plugins for mac and win

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Psytrance Plugins Samplur PROEffects is a new bundle with 20 advanced free effects plugins for macOS and Windows. 

The month of November and its Black Friday marathon is officially over. We are now fully starting the pre-Christmas season.

This starts with a nice gift from Psytrance Plugins.

Psytrance Plugins Samplur PROEffects

Psytrance Plugins Samplur PROEffects

Samplur PROEffects is a new bundle with 20 free effects plugins for macOS and Windows. According to Psytrance Plugins and, they have discontinued all its current effects (VOKX Pack…) and replaced them with this new free bundle. 

The core of the effects was developed with SynthEdit, a modular environment with which you can develop plugins.

The bundle features 20 classic effects with advanced functions. Each effect has a clear interface with many parameters and comes with the ability to save presets. It includes the following Samplur PRO plugins

  • Analyzer – a multi-band frequency analyzer, LUFS, correlation, and L/R mode 
  • M-Compressor – a multi-band/4-band compressor 
  • M-Delay – a multi-band delay with controls over the time and feedback, sync options and cross over feature
  • M-Filter – a multi-band filter with a built-in LFO, extra band-pass, and a reverb 
  • Chorus – a chorus with crossover mode, mid/side integration, voice stereo, extra band-pass, and LFO for the rate
  • Compressor – a compressor with mid/side integration and sidechain 
  • Delay – a multi-delay with various modes: stereo, auto-pan, ping pong, mono, and mid/side 
  • Distortion – a distortion with crossover, extra band-pass, and mid/side integration 
  • EQ-6 – an equalizer with six bands, band mute, mid/side integration, and a band-pass filter 
  • EQ-10 – an equalizer with 10 bands, and band mute functionality
  • Exciter – an exciter with clash and mud remove 

Psytrance Plugins Samplur PROEffects

More Plugins

  • Filter – a multimode filter with three modes and a built-in LFO with multiple targets
  • Flanger – a flanger with crossover mode, mid/side integration, stereo spread, extra band-pass, and LFO for the rate
  • Freeze – an audio freezer, aka glitch machine, with an envelope and LFO for the filter cutoff, resonance, and pan.
  • Limiter – a brick wall limiter with de-clip and ceiling 
  • Phaser – a phaser with crossover mode, mid/side integration, stereo spread, extra band-pass, and LFO for the rate.
  • Reverb – a reverb with crossover, mid/side integration, equalizer and delay.
  • Saturator – a saturation machine with a lowpass filter and speed, amount, mix, and master controls.
  • Stereo – a stereo tool with auto-pan envelope, a multi-band pseudo-stereo, mid/side integration, phase invert and channel swap
  • Vocoder – a 10-mode vocoder with crossover mid/side integration, extra band-pass and sidechain

First Impression

At first glance, a great collection of free plugins. They are based on SynthEdit, so they are not as high quality as plugins from developers who code them from scratch, like Arturia, Baby Audio, Soundtoys, and others. But they have a high level.

Psytrance Plugins Samplur PROEffects is available now as a free download for macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel) and Windows. The download doesn’t require a registration.

More information here: Psytrance Plugins

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