Moog Moogerfooger FX plugins, new update 1.2 removes iLok registration

Update 1.2

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The iconic Moog Moogerfooger effects pedals are back in virtual form as 7 new FX plugins for macOS and Windows. Update 1.2 out now!

Good news from Moog Music. The new Moogfooger Update 1.2 removes the iLok registration requirement and replaces it with an in-house system. I think this will be the same for Air Music and other plugins from the inMusic group.

It also makes the desktop UI resizable in clean, elegant HiDPI resolution. This was a most-requested feature, says Moog Music in its press release. There are also improvements for the virtual CV connectivity with other Moog synths. 

Plus, for the MF-105S iOS app, you can now set the last step of that particular band with a long press on the pattern editor. And the Moogerfooger plugins are still on sale with up to 66% OFF. A great free update for existing users. 


Article From March 1, 2023

Update: At the end of last year, Moog released the Moogerfooger pedals in a bundle. A saturation pedal was added for Christmas. Today, they announced that the virtual Moogerfooger pedals are available as individual plugins. Check the end of the article for all details about the prices.


Article October 20th, 2022 

Until recently, certain companies could not be associated with software products. But in times when components are rare and expensive, and prices for products are exploding, people like to find new ways to reach customers. Strymon, the company that stands for high-end effect pedals, has recently released its famous BigSky reverb as a plugin.

Moog, who is known for its analog synthesizers, has also been making software for a number of years. Today, they are even expanding this into the Windows world. They published today their first “plugin-only” product.

Moog Moogerfooger effects plugins

Moog Moogerfooger Effects Plugins

The Moogerfoogers, originally designed by Bob Moog and his engineering team, are excellent, hands-on analog effects pedals that are very popular among synth and guitar players.

Today, however, they are no longer available and are traded on the second-hand market for a lot of money. You can be lucky if you are an owner of the MF-104S Analog Delay with its lush distinctive tone, it has skyrocketed in price in the last few years.

Instead of reissuing these rarities as hardware pedals, Moog is going the digital route and reviving them as plugins with all the advantages that plugins have: stereo operation and extended feature sets like full DAW automation, save presets, and more. Little side info: already in 2000, Bomb Factory developed in close collaboration with Bob Moog Pro Tools plugins based on the MF-101, 102, 103, and 104.

Moog Moogerfooger effects plugins

A special feature of the original pedals is the CV connectivity allowing each instance of a Moogerfooger to modulate the parameters of any other. This enables you to gar far beyond the sound spectrum of the respective pedal. Moog has recreated this functionality in detail with a dedicated virtual CV panel with digital attenuverters, side-chain, and DC offset capabilities.

7 Moogerfooger Effects Plugins

The bundle includes the MF-101S Lowpass Filter which features the classic Moog Ladder filter with an envelope follower for dynamic control. The MF-102S is a ring modulator pedal consisting of a wide-range carrier oscillator paired with an LFO. Great for soft tremolo timbres up to crazy ring modulation tones.

Then, you get the MF-103S 12-Stage Phaser which is inspired by the 1970s rack-mounted Moog phaser with an onboard LFO. The beloved MF-104S Analog Delay should not be missing in this bundle. It’s a rich-sounding delay paired with a modulation circuit that has remained highly sought after to this day.

Moog Moogerfooger effects plugins

Another Moogerfooger pedal is the MF-105S MuRF is a unique effect combining a resonant filter bank with a pattern generator and skewing envelope. This is mainly used for vibrant animation of an incoming sound.

The MF-107S FreqBox is a box of gnarly synced VCO sounds with envelope and FM modulation. Last but not least, you get the MF 108S Cluster Flux, a flexible processor that can morph between chorus, flanging, and vibrato.

Make Pro-Level Audio More Accessible

Behind this, still new step for Moog is a mission they have set themselves. They want to make professional-level audio production tools more accessible for the artist community

“Bob liked to describe himself as a toolmaker for musicians,” Steve recalls. “He felt that technology should not drive the needs of musicians, but that engineers and toolmakers should use the needs of musicians to harness the power of technologies that serve those needs. Bob was never dogmatic about whether analog or digital was better; he saw both technologies as different means to serve the musicians that he respected and admired.”

At first glance, it is positive to see that Moog now also offers its classics as plugins. In this way, more musicians can get into the workflow and sound of these iconic pedals. Yes, there are many companies that emulate vintage gear. In this case, it comes from the company that developed the original hardware devices itself in 1998+.  So more vintage authenticity in a plugin is not possible in a plugin or?


Moog Moogerfooger effects plugins is available now for $249 + VAT. This offer includes all seven Moogerfooger effects. They run as a VST3, AUv2, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + Apple Silicon) and Windows. They require an iLok software for the registration.

Individual plugins are available for $59/$79 each. If you buy more, you can benefit from a discount: 2 plugins for $99 and $149 for 4 plugins.

More information here: Moog Music 

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