Soundtoys Black Friday, last chance to grab discounts up to 80% OFF and Little Plate for free


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The final days of the Soundtoys Black Friday Sale with discounts of up to 80% OFF on plugins/bundles and Little Plate as a free download.

The big Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal craziness is slowly ending. The last deals are ending in a few days. Hope you found something here this year

One of these deals is from Soundtoys. They are offering until December 1st, 2023 up to 80% OFF on plugins and bundles. Plus, you can grab a plate reverb for free. 

Soundtoys Black Friday

Soundtoys Black Friday

Soundtoys makes premium effects plugins that are in the Champions League of effects. They have long been on the market and are loved by many producers in the world. You can get up to 80% discount for two more days.

The two Soundtoys plugins that I love are Crystallizer, a granular echo, and Echoboy, a versatile echo/delay plugin. Like the rest of Soundtoys plugins, both of them are not the deepest plugins on the market, but they sound great.

They are simple to operate, and you get results quickly. In the Black Friday sale, you can Crystallizer for $29 and EchoBoy for $49. Excellent prices seen what they usually cost. But there are more great deals:

  • Soundtoys 5 bundle with all the plugins and the rack: 50% OFF for $249 
  • Upgrades from your current Soundtoys plugins are also 50% OFF
  • Superplate, the new plate reverb is just $49 instead of $149 
  • Effect Rack is $149 instead of $249 
  • EchoBoy $49 instead of $199 
  • Decapitator $49 instead of $199
  • Crystallizer $29 instead of $149 
  • FilterFreak $29 instead of $149 
  • and more

Soundtoys Little Plate

Little Plate For Free

And don’t forget the Little Plate plugin is also available as a free download until December 1st, 2023. 

Little Plate is a plate reverb plugin inspired by the original EMT 140. There is a unique twist that can be found in the reverberation time. Unlike the original (5 seconds), Soundtoys pushed that number in new areas by adding new decay time options. Besides the classic ones, you get 8, 16, 32, up to infinity.

With the decay time set to infinity, Little Plate’s reverb tails never fade away, giving you very atmospheric, endless reverb timbres.

Then, you get a low cut knob that tames the boomy bass frequencies in the generated reverbs.

Another neat feature is the mod switch that introduces slight modulation into the reverb tail. These subtle and chaotic variations can result in a thicker and smoother sound. 

Little Plate is a small plate reverb with little control. The sound, however, is big and high quality. So don’t miss this free deal.


The Soundtoys Black Friday is on until December 1, 2023 

More information here: Soundtoys 

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