Eventide H90 multi-FX pedal gets a new polysynth algorithm

Eventide H90 Harmonizer NEWS

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Eventide has today released the H90 Harmonizer, a souped-up H9 with twice the power, more algorithms, better controllability, and more.

With the H90, Eventide released the new generation of its best-selling H9 effects processor with double the processing power. This breaks the first H9’s limitation of one algorithm and allows two algorithms to be used simultaneously.

One year (and a few weeks) later, the H90 gets a new PolySynth algorithm. 

Eventide H90 Polysynth Algorithm

Eventide H90 Polysynth Algorithm

The new Polysynth algorithm is a fully polyphonic guitar-to-synth transformer effect that is powered by Eventide’s proprietary SIFT (Spectral Instantaneous Frequency Tracking) technology. 

It features three voices with independent level, shift amount, and wave shape control. Plus, you get a filter and spread plus detune controls to create wider and deeper sounds.

The engine also hosts a modulation engine. You get an LFO with which you can animate the filter cutoff, pulse width, or volume, and pitch modulation. There is also an expressive envelope with control over the attack that controls the filter cutoff. 

As a lovely bonus, it also has a freezer with which you can create infinite sustain synth sounds. 


The new Polysynth algorithm is a free download for existing H90 users. 


Article From November 9th, 2022

Yesterday afternoon, the new Eventide H90 multi-effects processor was leaked, the spiritual successor to the popular H9 guitar pedal.

Today I can confirm the leak is correct. At 7. p.m, Eventide officially released the H90 pedal, and the device is already shipping from retailers.

Eventide H90

Eventide H90 Harmonizer

The H90 is a new multi-effects processor based on the famous H9 architecture. According to Eventide, it merges the studio-level versatility of the flagship H9000 rack unit with the streamlined form factor of the H9 Max.

It comes with all-new hardware that is based on an ARM architecture that lays the foundation for all-new and classic H9 effects.

On the effects side, you can explore both classic H9 as well as all-new algorithms. It ships with all 52 algorithms found in the H9 Max pedal, including the epic Blackhole reverb.

They are all derived from the same ARM-based architecture found on the H9000. Additionally, you can benefit from 10 all-new effects processors exclusive to the H90. 7 brand-new effects and 3 models are inspired by legendary Eventide classics. Including:

  • Polyphony: mode uses Eventide’s SIFT (Spectral Instantaneous Frequency Tracking) technology to pitch shift your tone with unparalleled tracking and accuracy. It gives you fluid chorus-like tones to a crystal-type effect with freezing.
  • Prism Shift generates three voices from a single chord with separating, staggering and pitch-shifting the notes to create four four arpeggio types in three octaves
  • Even-vibe: a replica of a classic swirling phaser effect in stereo and envelope followers
  • Head Space: old-school 4-head tape delay with tone shaping options
  • Bouquet Delay: classic BBD delay with spacey modulation
  • Wormhole: a mega-sized hyper-modulated reverb
  • Weedwacker: a screaming 2-stage overdrive
  • Instant Phaser: an emulation of the first dedicated studio phaser
  • Instant Flanger: an emulation of the first dedicated flanger unit
  • SP2016 Reverb: a reverb classic with a beautiful room and plate tones

Two Is More Than One

The big highlight is the new engine that allows you to use two H9 effects simultaneously per program. So you get two H9s in one pedal. This is a step forward over the H9’s one-effect limitation. More slots would certainly have been better, but yes, two are better than just one.

You can route effects in series or parallel and use a unique true spillover function between the programs. Thanks to its new 4 inputs and 4 output setup, you can also process two different stereo signals at the same, using on each stereo channel a different effect.

More Controllability

A major weakness of the H9 hardware is the operation. Eventide has completely revised this in the new H90. It comes with a new big OLED screen that is joined by five push knobs, and seven LED buttons. This allows you to work with the pedal much more comfortably and hands-on.

And how it belongs to pedals, it also includes three footswitches with three functions.

Eventide H90 backside


The H90 has also taken a big step forward on the connection side. It has four mono inputs and four outputs, giving you two stereo channels with independent processing. They support both instrument and line-level, so also perfect for your synths. Alternatively, you can place the dual mono inserts anywhere in the signal chain, allowing for seamless integration of outboard effects

Further, you can find two expression pedal inputs that support up to 3-button auxiliary switches and CV signals. On the side, you also get full MIDI in/out/thru on classic 5-pin DIN inputs. There is also a USB-C port that gives you deep editing possibilities via the H90 control software. Plus, it includes a handy built-in tuner.

First Impression

I’m happy that Eventide finally has a successor to the H9. It took a long time, but now it’s here. The first demos sound awesome. Big, clear, and high-quality, as we know it from the H9. I like the new interface very much. However, I think it’s a shame that Eventide didn’t go further with more effects slots or the possibility of introducing modulation, such as envelopes, LFOs, etc., to the effects.

Eventide H90 is available now for $899 USD or 1199€ (ouch that $/€ conversion hurts)

More information here: Eventide 

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