Elektron drops the Analog Rytm MKII price for a limited time to celebrate the new firmware 1.7.0

Elektron Analog Rytm 1.70

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Elektron has released firmware 1.70 for the Analog Rytm hybrid drum machine/groovebox featuring new machines, sequencer mode, and more.

Small update to the Analog Rytm firmware 1.70 article. At the same time, Elektron has lowered the price of the Analog Rytm MKII for a limited time to celebrate this new big update.

In raw numbers: in the US from $1899 to $1599 (15% OFF), and in Europe from 1729€ (3-4 month street price) to 1579€ (8,78% OFF).


Article From November 22, 2023

In Sweden, today seems to be the big product release day. First, the completely surprising new teenage engineering EP-133 K.O sampler. Now a release from Elektron.

No worries, no marketing-driven silver versions of grooveboxes, and nothing that will hurt your budget. The hybrid drum machine/groovebox Analog Rytm has received a new firmware 1.70, with many new features.

Elektron Analog Rytm 1.70

Elektron Analog Rytm 1.70

In the last 2 years, some Elektron devices have received very nice free updates. Among other things, the Digitakt with the 1.5. Now Elektron continues these updates in Analog Rytm.

The new Analog Rytm firmware update 1.70 is free of charge and adds a bunch of new features.

Let’s start with the sound engine. In firmware 1.70, Analog Rytm users can explore four new machines, aka synth engines, bringing it up to an impressive amount of 33.

HH LAB is a hi-hat sound generator lab for creating various metallic sounds. SY-CHIP brings the sonic character of Elektron’s first product the SidStation to the Analog Rytm.

Then, BD and SD ACCOUSTIC are new fresh kick and snare generators, and finally SY RAW is an engine taken over from the Syntakt using Rytm waveforms. It’s made for deep bass tones, leads, and melodic percussion.

Besides this, four existing machines are getting new parameters to play with, making them more versatile. 

  • Square waveform has been added to BD SHARP’s WAV parameter.
  • A new pitch envelope parameter has been added to BT CLASSIC.
  • Two new pulse width parameters are available in both CB CLASSIC and CB METALLIC.

On top, they also refined the tuning, hi-res semitones, pad scales and fold functionality in chromatic mode in conjunction with the pads. A great upgrade for the sound engine but that’s not all.

 Elektron Analog Rytm 1.70 update

Euclidean Sequencer Mode

Another highlight of the Analog Rytm firmware 1.70 is a new Euclidean sequencer mode. Euclidean rhythms come from algorithms that divide time ranges into equal parts, controlled by three parameters: steps, pulses, and offset.

The new firmware offers two Euclidean generators that you can combine to create complex patterns on your sequencer. All this is operable with a twist of a knob, says Elektron.

There is also a new page loop that lets you work continuously with a specific sequencer page. Easily replay the page and take your time to get the sound just right. Or go nuts in a live setting.

Other Features

Further, they added smaller but not less important new features:

  • sound saving from sequencer trigs
  • random slew option for the LFO’s random waveform
  • customizable record length for sequencer in sampler 
  • advanced parameter lock preview 
  • random pattern name generator 
  • performance and GUI improvements 
  • and more

Important, you need to calibrate your unit:

please calibrate your Analog Rytm after upgrading. You will be prompted after rebooting to begin calibration, and this is necessary for certain feature improvements such as tuning to be functioning correctly. Please bear in mind that calibrating can take 2-3 hours.

First Impression

The current update policy that Elektron is currently pursuing is very welcome. They have massively upgraded many of their older products with new major new features in the past months. This is now also exactly the case for the Analog Rytm. A great update that adds new sonic and sequencer power to it. 

Elektron Analog Rytm 1.70 firmware is available now as a free download for existing users. 

More information here: Elektron 

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  1. This is probably why Elektron can compete, even with Chinese Endboss Overlord Behringer. I have bought the Analog Rytm Mk1 almost nine years ago, Overbridge is still hot stuff and everything, including this new update, works on my ancient Win7 system.

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