Nanopolis Antigone, 4-part multi-timbral synth voice for Eurorack is ready to go, first look (SFF 2024) Superbooth 23: Nanopolis Antigone, 4-voice multi-timbral synth voice

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Superbooth 23: Nanopolis Antigone is a new 4-voice multi-timbral synth voice packed with features (wavetable, sampler)… for Eurorack

Last year, the new French company Nanopolis introduced Antigone at Superbooth. It is a four-part multi-timbral synth voice for Eurorack with a wavetable, virtual analog, FM synthesis, sampler player, and more.

The module is now finished and going on sale. At SynthFest France 2024, I made a first-look video with the developer.

Nanopolis Antigone will be available for 649€ and the expander for 99€. The module will start in shipping in 1-2 months.


Article From May 9, 2023

A modular Synthesizer can be built from individual modules: multiple oscillators, filters, envelopes, etc. You can also build it an easy and convenient way with a whole synth voice. Especially helpful when building polyphonic setups.

At Superbooth 23, the new company Nanopolis will premiere its first module called Antigone. It’s a new 4-voice digital synth voice.

Nanopolis Antigone

Nanopolis Antigone Features

  • Full multi-machine 4 voices synthesizer (multi-timbral)
  • audio engine: 32-bit 48kHz
  • 4 individual voices (link capability to work as monophonic, polyphonic, paraphonic), each voice are composed of one machine slot (an audio generator like wavetable, sample player ect…) + 4 modulations slots (ADSR, LFO, s&h, etc…)
  • Unlimited presets for projects and voices (saved on the SD card, limited by the SDCard capacity)
  • 1 note processor slot per project (basic, chords, arp…)
  • 4 global modulations slots per project
  • Mixer with routing & panning for the 4 voices
  • External clock / reset sync
  • All parameters are assignable to internal and/or external modulations (2 modulations per param)
  • When the voices are linked (for poly mode per example) voice 1 act as master, all other voices are replica of the voice 1, but you can offset all params on other voices !

Hardware Features

  • 26HP
  • four individual 16-bit audio outputs (routable as 4 mono, or 2 stereo, or 1 stereo + 2 mono), AC-coupled, high end DAC & op-amp
  • 6 CV inputs (-5V / +5V , assignable to almost any parameters)
  • 4 Gate/Trig/Clock inputs
  • OLED Screen 256×64 pixels (4-bit greyscale – 16 levels), color : yellow or blue
  • MicroSD slot on the rear of the module (tested up to 128gb)
  • 16mb of RAM to load samples & wavetables
  • 4 smooth endless pots & 1 digital (quadrature) clickable encoder
  • Microcontroller board : removable teensy 4.1

First Impression

At first glance, an interesting new synth voice from a new developer.

Nanopolis will be at Superbooth 23 on Booth 0435.

More information here: website

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