Fors Lode, free subtractive mono bass synth for Ableton M4L and Push 3 standalone

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Fors Lode is a free subtractive monophonic bass Synthesizer device for Ableton Max For Live (M4L) and Push 3 standalone 

The Elektron Digitone and Model: Cycles, two popular compact digital synthesizers with a lot of cleverness. Both were developed by Ess, among others. After his departure in 2020, he founded the company Fors.FM. The focus here is on “ear-candy” like max for live devices.

For example, he brought a lot of Elektron influences to Ableton Live with his Opal M4l groovebox. And there is a new M4L Synthesizer from Ess that is a free download.

Fors Lode

Fors Lode

Lode is a free Max For Live monophonic bass Synthesizer that is inspired by the most beloved vintage synths. Mostly, featuring transistor-based circuits. 

The core consists of a single analog-inspired oscillator with saw and pulse + PWM waves, and a resonant 24dB filter. Then, you get a filter sweep envelope, an exponential decay envelope, and legato with pitch slide. Yes, it’s a bit like a TB-303 voice device for Live. 

According to Fors, the device is made for Live and Push in mind, fitting perfeclty on a Push 2 + 3 screen with eight tuned parameters. It is also fully compatible with your Push 3 standalone. So you get juciy basses also without your computer. 

First Impression

Lode is a very simple Max For Live synth, but one that sounds very nice and high quality. A must have for every M4L user. Thanks Fors for this. 

Fors Lode is open-source and available now as a free download and requires Ableton Live Suite 10.1+ (or standard with the Max for Live add-on) to use. 

More information here: Fors.FM

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