Dillon Bastan data.train, a crazy maths-powered M4L sampler mangler

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Dillon Bastan takes us on a crazy maths-powered sample-mangling rollercoaster with its new data.train device for Max For Live.

Max for Live is a fascinating platform to create your instruments and effects, MIDI tools, and more. This can then be opened in Ableton and used as a normal Live device. For this, you need an M4L license.

Musicians often use plugins and often overlook what is available for M4L, often even for free in the communities. A star in the M4L scene is Dillon Bastan, who developed super exciting devices in the past. And now you can explore an all-new M4L from the developer.

Dillon Bastan data train

Dillon Bastan data.train

data.train is a new unique M4L sampler mangler of a special, experimental kind. Dillon Bastan leads us in a tornado of sample manipulation with his new M4L device. A tool for bending and twisting samples.

You can load it as an instrument with custom samples or line audio input or as an audio effect. The core centers around the animation of sample playback and FX through a grid of math operators.

Each playback and FX parameter (start, size…) has its own modulation source/value, and each frame that value changes based on its selected math operator. By changing the operators in a chain of events and the source of their right-hand operand, you can create complex harmonic oscillations. These can evolve or can generate repeating rhythms.

According to Dillon Bastan, DT is perfect for rhythmic effects, glitchy/chaotic/stuttering sounds, ambient/generative soundscapes and everything else that is bizarre and different

Another super creative, original device for Max for Live by Dillon Bastan. Looks like a lot of fun.

Dillon Bastan data.train is available now for $15.  It requires a Live 10 Suite+ or a license Max for Live.

More information here: Dillon Bastan 

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