U-he Filterscape Bundle 1.5, free update for its creative filter plugin is available now NAMM 2023: U-he Filterscape Bundle could become the holy grail of filter plugins

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NAMM 2023: U-he has announced the Filtescape Bundle, a massive re-design of its Filterscape filter plugin with new features, a new UI, and more.

At NAMM 2023, U-he announced a major free update for its powerful Filterscape, a suite with three plugins consisting of two FX and one synth.

This major pdate is now available.

U-he Filterscape Bundle 1.5

New Features For Filterscape FX /Q6

  • 2 multimode filters, each with mixable lowpass, bandpass, highpass and notch
  • NEW in 1.5: 9 additional analogue filter options (2-pole, 3-pole, 4-pole)
  • 4-band parametric EQ with five modes:
    LS-Peak-Peak-HS, 4 Peaks, LP-BP-BP-HP, 4 Bandpasses , Panned Bandpasses
  • 8 morphable snapshots for user-defined EQ settings
  • Modulation options for each EQ band
  • 2 signal mixers (roles depend on selected routing configuration)
  • Stereo delay with independent times for each channel
  • 2 host-synchronized sequencers, up to 16 steps, blend (glide) control
  • 2 host-synchronized LFOs with 8 waveforms
  • 4 envelope followers
  • 5 routing options for delay, filter and EQ signal path
  • Overhauled + expanded factory library – improved categorization, volume balancing, larger variety

New Features For Filterscape VA

  • 2 spectral oscillators with 15 waveform options including wavetables
  • EQ identical to Filterscape FX, but polyphonic!
  • Ring modulation, hard sync
  • Sub-oscillator with 3 waveforms
  • Noise generator
  • 3 LFOs: 1 global, 2 per-voice
  • 3 envelope generators with fall/rise and 4 shape modes
  • Combined arpeggiator / sequencer
  • Multimode filter: lowpass, bandpass, highpass
  • Polyphonic, duophonic or monophonic (retrigger or legato)
  • 2 effects: delay, chorus
  • Overhauled + expanded factory library – the 200+ new VA presets make use of the new waveforms and filters

U-he Filterscape Bundle 1.5 is available now as a free update for existing Filterscape users. New users can buy the plugin for 129€. It runs as a VST2, VST3, AU, AAX, and CLAP plugin on macOS (Intel + Apple Silicon), Linux, and Windows.

Article April 16th, 2023

U-he has an impressive portfolio of synthesizers and effects plugins. Some are outdated and haven’t received a major update for a long time. You can tell by the vintage UI. But updates are planned. Last September, U-he released a mighty update for its MFM2 more feedback machine delay plugin. With granular synthesis, deeper routings, and more.

At NAMM 2023, Urs Heckmann and his team presented a big update for the Filterscape plugin. This will turn the existing plugin upside down and refresh it from the ground up.

U-he Filterscape Bundle

The concept stays the same. It remains a bundle of three independent plugins: FX, Q6, and VA. 

U-he Filterscape FX

It starts with the Filterscape FX, which is the main plugin. It remains a fully customizable 4-band EQ with various filter models. According to Urs Heckann, it will offer, besides the legacy filters model also, all-new filters, including linear and analog modeled filters known from plugins like ZebraHZ, Diva, or Repro-1/5. So, these top-notch filters get a standalone plugin for the first time.

In addition, you can explore newly developed state variables, such as 3-pole and 4-pole, which are not based on vintage synths or equipment.

The creative snapshot functionality, one of the key features of the “vintage” Filterscape plugin, will also be available again in the new FX version. Eight snapshots, each with different EQ settings and modulation. Plus, you can modulate the frequency, queue, and gain for each band separately and separately for each snapshot. You can run through the snapshots for wild filtering effects thanks to the modulable speed.

Then, it features host-syncable multi-wave LFOs, a mixer section with two mixers, four envelope followers, step sequencers, and a delay that can sit in various parts of the mix. The lower left part of the plugin is particularly exciting. Here you can customize the routing so you can determine where the filters, EQ, and delay are in the signal chain. You can also go more playful and mix one filter against another or the EQ.

Filterscape FX is a filter plugin on steroids. It is suitable for classic filtering, and EQing but also deep sound design resulting in crazy, avant-garde effects.

U-he Filterscape Q6

Also onboard is again the Filterscape Q6, a more straightforward EQ. It offers a dynamic 6-band equalizer powered by the same morphing technology. Unlike the FX version, it includes additional low and high shelving filters. There are four envelope followers that can react to different frequencies within the track and modulate just about anything

U-he Filterscape

U-he Filterscape VA

Number three is Filterscape VA, and it’s the synth version. The foundation is classic subtractive with two preset-wavetable oscillators, 1 sub-oscillator, two LFOs, three envelopes, and a filter. The latter also includes the unique 3-pole and 4-pole state variable filters.

U-he Filterscape Bundle
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As in the first version, the plugin has the full 4-band EQ section and snapshot technology. In combination with the synth voice, you can achieve formant style synthesis that goes in the direction of the EMU Z Plane filters. It also hosts an arpeggiator, chorus, and delay effects.

All three plugins will have a new high-resolution, scalable interface that looks much tidier than the original ones. This simplifies the workflow, and of course, they will have CLAP and Apple Silicon support.

First Impression

That looks very exciting again. I’m really looking forward to the release because filters in general are very underrated as an effect. You can do far more with them than just the classic filtering stuff we know from synths.

U-he Filterscape Bundle availability and price TBA. According to Urs Heckmann, it will take a few months until the final release and before there will be a public beta.

More information will follow here: U-he 

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