Waldorf Blofeld License SL, the sample function upgrade is now 76% OFF

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The Waldorf Blofeld License SL lets you unlock the sample/user sample function of the synth and now it’s 76% OFF for a limited time.

The Blofeld is one of the best-selling and most popular Waldorf synthesizers. It is currently the cheapest way to immerse yourself in the Waldorf world.

What many do not know. In addition to its “coldish” wavetable/VA engine, the Blofeld also has a small sample engine. But you have to activate it with the Waldorf Blofeld License SL. If this 99€ was too much for you, there is now a good opportunity to catch up.

Waldorf Blofeld License SL


Waldorf has dropped the price of the License SL by 76% for the next few days. Instead of 99€, you can now buy the license for 29€.

The License SL is just a license code but with a major impact for the Blofeld synth. It unlocks 60MB of sample memory for factory or user-samples.  These samples and multisamples go through Blofeld’s synthesis engine just like oscillators – an enormous extension to Blofeld’s sonic possibilities!

Important to know is that this sample functionality is already included in the Blofeld keyboard. So only desktop users can benefit from this software upgrade.

For all users who use the Waldorf Blofeld and have not yet made this upgrade, it is certainly a very good deal. Mainly because you can use samples as oscillators opening new sound design options.

Waldorf Blofeld License SL is available now for 29€ instead of 99€ until August 20th, 2023.

More information here: Waldorf Music

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  1. That is absolutely disgusting!
    So you buy a Blofeld for quite a significant sum, only to then have to buy a licence to unlock it’s full functionality.
    Is no one else disgusted by this?
    It’s not like buying an expansion / sample pack. This is actually significantly changing the functionality of the synth.
    This should be a free firmware update for all users.
    Look what Arturia have done with the Microfreak.
    Waldorf, you have lost all my respect.

    • I mean, it’s hard to find outrage over this in the community since (a) no one seems to care about using a Blofeld in this way and (b) it’s been this way since circa 1997 BCE.

    • My thoughts exactly! I have had a blofeld for ages, but never evere heard about this feature. Actually I have barely used it… Now, I will never give a dime to Wlaforf again and probably just sell of this Bloatfeld

  2. Gotta say, the instructions for installing this, as seen on Waldorf’s site, are convoluted AF! That said, your little “tutorial” video here rates high among the most useless things I believe I’ve ever wasted time watching.

  3. A couple things to remember: This synth came out in 2007. The sample license came out two years later when they released the keyboard version, which comes with it installed. At the time, paid updates like this were more common. This is not much different than buying a sample pack for a novation drum machine. The ONLY thing it adds is samples for a sample type oscillator. That’s it. Everything else is exactly the same.

    The other thing is that this was a complete hack. It was originally not envisioned that the Blofeld would play samples in this way, or at least having the ability for users to load them wasn’t envisioned. The reason its so clunky is because they never thought every day users would be doing this. Then as the company was having financial trouble (again) they decided to release it.

    In the wild, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen more than a few desktop versions that have the SL installed. If you want that functionality, it usually just makes sense to buy the keyboard version. I found one on reverb that DID have it installed, though, and got it because, well…having the samples certainly doesn’t hurt. Loading in my own is way better, though.

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