Waldorf Offers Blofeld Desktop Synthesizer Sample Update For 20€ For A Limited Time

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Right now it’s time to upgrade your Waldorf Blofeld desktop Synthesizer with the License SL sample update, it’s right now on sale for just 20€

Waldorf Blofeld has been one of the most popular wavetable synthesizers on the market for years. The synth is often used in the areas of ambient and soundscapes. Blofeld is available in two versions: desktop and keyboard, both differ in one main point. In the keyboard version, the sample playback function is already pre-installed, in the desktop you have to upgrade it via a paid software update.

The sample update is quite pricey with 103€ but you can do it for only 20€ until May  17th, which is a nice deal for every Waldorf Blofeld desktop user. With the license, 60MB of sample flash memory is available for factory or user samples. These samples and multi-samples go through Blofeld’s synthesis engine just like oscillators – an enormous extension to Blofeld’s sonic possibilities!

Waldorf Blofeld License SL

2 Additional Soundsets

The sample update features on top two soundsets (Technohouse & Alien Space Collaborative) that gives you an additional 256 presets for the Blofeld Synthesizer. These are worth the current prices alone

Technohouse: this 128 brand new and powerful sound programs for the Blofeld are created by Jürgen Driessen, a successful techno producer of the first range. This soundset contains modern lead sounds, sequencer sounds, basses, pads, drums and FX’s like Old Skool inspired vintage sounds for your next Techno, Tech House, House or club production.

Alien Space Collaborative: 128 stunning patches for the Waldorf Blofeld

Waldorf Blofeld License SL is available now for 20€ instead of 103€ until May 17th, 2020.

More information here: Waldorf

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  1. At this late date, they ought to be giving it away. This is a bit absurd, given how minimal the sampling is and how old the product is. I say that despite great fondness for Waldorf and the Blofeld.

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