AAS Multiphonics CV-2 explores waveshaping in the new free update 2.1

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With the new Multiphonics CV-2 2.1 free update, AAS’ software modular synth explores for the first time waveshaping in five new modules.

In April, Applied Acoustics Systems (AAS) released a major update for its Multiphonics modular Synthesizer plugin. With many new creative modules, improved GUI, FX plugin support, and more.  Especially the 15 new modules (filters, saturator, crusher…) brought a lot of new possibilities and sonic color to the plugin.

So far, however, any form of waveshaping was missing in the plugin. Interesting with so many modules you couldn’t dive into the west coast side so far. AAS is now catching up on this in the free update 2.1 and introducing waveshaping.

AAS Multiphonics CV-2 update 2.1

AAS Multiphonics CV-2 Update 2.1

Multiphonics CV-2 update 2.1 is out now and is a thematic update dedicated to waveshaping says Applied Acoustics Systems. They add five new modules to the Multiphonics’ module library.

It starts with a new stereo rectifier module with bias control. It’s a unique waveshaper that is particularly associated with Serge modules. Then, you can work with the new CV shaper, a waveshaper module for CV signals. It allows you to triangle/sine folding, half or full wrap, and hard or soft clip your control voltages.

Update 2.1 also ships with a new West Coast-inspired waveshaper module. It comes with three topologies: parallel, series, and digital. The first two are each analog models, Parallel is a Buchla-style five-fold circuit model while Series is a six-circuit analog wavefolder. You can control it with various parameters, including fold, bias, smooth, and more.

There is also a new West Coast-inspired Wavewrapper module that can be seen as a harsher version of a wavefolder. It radically changes the tone of a sound by introducing large discontinuities in the signal.

Further, it includes a new μScope module, which is a handy oscilloscope module allowing you to visualize waveforms and signals. This is a particularly nice addition because you can see what’s going on in your patch.

To get a straight first look at the new update, AAS also includes 30 new factory synth and effects patches highlighting the new modules.

First Impression

It took a long time for waveshaping/wavefolding to arrive in the Multiphonics modular synth. I’m glad to see that you can now explore it here.

AAS Multiphonics CV-2 2.1 update is available now as a free download for existing users. During the summer sale of 2023, you get Multiphonics CV-2 for $99 instead of $149 and plugin upgrades are also on sale. For this, log in to your account.

More information here: AAS 

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