VCV Rack Launched Router Sequential Switch Matrix Module

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The Eurorack fazination can be expensive and many musicians can not afford the fun or do not know if it fits into their workflow. VCV Rack, a free software version of the Eurorack world, offers musicians a nice insight into this modular music world and allows beginners to test out modules without buying them. Like the real module world, the VCV Rack grows almost weekly with new additions.

Today, the main developer of VCV Rack released a new router sequential switch matrix module. Octal Router, based on the Sequential Switch module from Fundamental, is a matrix of 8×8 anti-pop switches for routing audio and CV.


It features four direction modes, CV-controllable matrix manipulation, trigger-selectable rows and built-in VCAs on inputs and outputs. The plugin also includes two smaller sequential switches, Router 1:4 and Router 4:1 that offers CV-controllable scan and step number.

VCV Router is now available for purchase for $30 USD. VCV Rack is available as a free download.

More information here: VCV Router 

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