Noise Engineering discontinues four popular modules including BIA

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Noise Engineering discontinues four popular modules, including the Basimulus Iteritas Alter (BIA), Mani Interitas, Cursus Iteritas, and Ataraxic Iteritas.

The chip shortage of the last two years has prompted many developers to break new ground. Many synthesizers were delivered with long delays, developers re-designed circuits to fit available chips, and the production of other well-known synths was stopped because specific chips were missing until further notice.

Noise Engineering also now has a chip problem. The Iteritas, a top-rated series of modules starring the Basim Iteritas Alter, has now been discontinued. Not because they are no longer a bestseller but because the built-in CPU is officially end-of-life (EOL).

Noise Engineering discontinues BIA

Noise Engineering Discontinues BIA

It came as a sad surprise to the Eurorack community but less so to Noise Engineering. The developers always had in mind that this day can come and now it is here. XMOS has officially EOL’d the CPU, so the core of the Iteritas module series.

Since Noise Engineering can’t get new ones and can’t just swap it like that, they discontinue four modules, including the popular Basim Iteritas Alter, the Manis Iteritas, Cursus Iteritas, and Ataraxic Iteritas.

Three remaining digital oscillators use these XMOS chips in their portfolio (Loquelic Iterias, Loquelic Iteritas Percido, and Cursus Iteritas Percido). They will continue producing them while they still have stock of the processor. If the planned continent of CPUs is gone, they also say goodbye to these modules.

You don’t have to be sad about it. Noise Engineering explains in detail in their blog that the XMOS chip has caused them problems for a long time, mainly because of the limitation and the ability to be updated. With Versio and Legio, they did the right way and created a super user-friendly platform.

Maybe they will achieve to emulate the sonic properties of the individual modules in the future and bring them to the Versio and Legio platforms. That would be fantastic; I would spend money on these updates.

The Basim Iteritas Alter is a best-seller, like the Clouds or Plaits for Noise Engineering, in popularity. It is a great pity that this module will disappear from the market. It’s a crazy unique percussive synth voice module with a bizarre, dirty sound.

A big downer, the second-hand prices for these modules will explode like it was with the Mutables. Probably more here since there are no clones from a trillion of other manufacturers.


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