Intellijel SVF 1U, compact multimode filtering with boost and soft clipping

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Intellijel SVF 1U is a new filter module that offers multimode filtering with boost and soft clipping options in a very space-saving 1U format

Yesterday, Intellijel released the Tangrams, a further development of their Roland-inspired Dual ADSR envelope module. With many well-known but also new functions that open new doors. But that’s not all.

The Canadian developers have presented another module, one for those who like the filter to be very compact and small.

Intellijel SVF 1U

Intellijel SVF 1U

SVF 1U is a new multi-mode, voltage-controlled filter that takes over traditional subtractive filter tasks in a small 1U form. Thanks to its small goodies, it is suitable for classic patches or as a framework for complex patches.

It hosts a 2-pole lowpassLP), a 2-pole high pass (HP), and a switchable bandpass and notch filter—each with dedicated outputs. For additional juice, there is an optional +6dB input boost and an asymmetric clipping circuit. According to Intellijel, it’s punchy, clean, and precise.

Then, you get dual modulation inputs. The first allows you to control the filter with a 1V/oct signal, and it works accurately over 4+ octaves. So you can use the filter also as a sine oscillator. The developers say it is capable of generating very low distortion sine waves from 2Hz to 20kHz when driven to self-oscillation (Max Q).

On the other side, it offers an FM CV input with an attenuverter allowing you to explore beautifully, wild timbres created with audio rate FM. The control side gives you a classic configuration with knobs for the cutoff, Q (resonance), and FM.

First Impression

Sounds like a neat new state variable/multimode filter for the 1U format.

Intellijel SVF 1U is available soon for $139/159€.

More information here: Intellijel

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