Intellijel Tangrams, new dual envelope module with Roland and EMS Synthi influences

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Intellijel Tangrams is a new dual ADSR envelope module with cycling gate pulsers inspired by the Roland SH-101 and EMS Synthi designs.

Envelopes belong to a modular Synthesizer just like oscillators or filters. They are essential. You can’t shape sounds without them. They are available in the simple ADSR form, loopable, or deeper as a function generator. One of the most popular envelope modules is the Intellijel Dual ADSR.

This offers two Roland-influenced ADSR envelopes that can be looped and inverted. Intellijel has now taken this module to the next level in the new Tangrams module.

Intellijel Tangrams

Intellijel Tangrams

Tangrams is a new dual analog envelope inspired by the Roland SH-101/System 100m designs. Unlike the Dual ADSR module, it takes the concept further and expands it new features. This includes inspiration from trapezoidal function generators (EMS Synthi).

Intellijel added a voltage-controlled digital pulser circuit to link the triggering of two envelopes.  This allows you to generate delayed one-shots, cycle organic envelopes, and more. For example, you can configure a cycling ADSR envelope with a different gate time than the interval between gates.

Alternatively, you can create a sequence where ADSR2 is triggered by a delayed amount of time after ADSR1 is triggered (either cyclically or in a single shot sequence). The developers promise even deeper combinations using the panel switches for routing or disabling the pulse sources.

Further, they added two VCAs for level control of each envelope.

ADSR + VCA Features

  • dual Analog ADSR envelopes with digital gate Pulser for trapezoid shapes
  • pulser stages P1 and P2 can be selectively routed to trigger each ADSR via panel switches
  • three timing ranges: (FAST: ~5 seconds, MED: ~35sec, SLOW: ~1min A/D times)
  • Retrig input (allows re-triggering of the envelope if source gate held high)
  • VCA input can be used to dynamically control the respective ADSR output level (bipolar) or to process signals to be modulated in amplitude by the ADSR.
  • Manual GATE buttons for each envelope

Pulser Features

  • A pulse is made of individually controllable T1 and T2 stage lengths
  • CV control over T1 and T2 time
  • Pulser can be one-shot (SINGLE) or repeating (CYCLE)
  • PULSE output has a switch to select P1 or P2 as the source.
  • Pulser stages P1 and P2 can be selectively routed to trigger each ADSR via panel switches
  • START trigger input for starting/restarting the Pulser sequence
  • Manual GATE button to trigger the Pulser sequencer

First Impression

An excellent further development of the Dual ADSR module. What I like about Tangrams is that the classic dual ADSR is still there, but you can always delve deeper with the new pulser functionality.

Intellijel Tangrams is available now for $239

More information here: Intellijel

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