Behringer Polivoks, new duophonic analog synth in collaboration with Vladimir Kuzmin Prototype status

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Behringer shared a picture of the first upcoming Polivoks analog Synthesizer made in collaboration with Vladimir Kuzmin.

Two years ago, Behringer announced a collaboration with Vladimir Kuzmin, the founder and chief developer of the 1980s Polivoks synthesizers. It became quiet since the announcement, and didn’t hear any news for a long time.

Today, however, Behringer shows a prototype of the first new Polivoks Synthesizers.

Behringer Polivoks

Two years ago Vladimir Kuzmin and Behringer entered into a collaboration to develop a new Polivoks synthesizer. Here now is the latest prototype, which is now undergoing thorough testing and hopefully the approval of Vladimir.

Behringer Polivoks

The photo Behringer shared on Facebook shows a prototype of a new Polivoks. The question that is interesting here: is it a clone/replica for Eurorack of an old Polivoks, or is it a completely new Synthesizer with a new feature set?

The striking design you know from the vintage Polivoks Synthesizer is also available here. Unlike the vintage units, the labeling is dual language, so it’s easier to spot the features.

Classic Design

From the picture, we can see two multi-wave oscillators (32-2) with detune and PW/PWM controls that go into a mixer. Here you also have a sub-oscillator, tweakable FM, noise generator, and an external input level.

Then, it goes into a multimode filter with LP and BP, and a dedicated ADSR envelope with two modes. You can also adjust the LFO and envelope amount right in the filter section.

Modulation side, you get on the right side a second ADSR envelope with two modes, gate on feature, and the option to modulate it with an LFO. There is also a multi-wave LFO with rate, waveform, and slope controls.

Further, it offers controls for global tuning and volume. There is also a switch allowing to use it as a mono or duophonic Synthesizer A MIDI In socket is also on the front panel as well as CV/gate connectivity. So far what we can see are the features more on the classic side and not very surprising.

So in summary we get two oscillators, a sub, noise, a filter, two envelopes, and an LFO.

First Impression

Looks good at first glance. The most important thing is how it sounds. We will probably find out later.

Behringer Polivoks availability and price TBA.

More information here: Behringer 

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  1. Holy crap!
    That looks quite nice.
    Yes, I know Behringer are bad and do poopy things. But this is quite cool that they’ve collaborated with Vladimir Kuzmin.
    Hopefully it’ll have an audio in so you can run external gear though the Polivoks filter.

    • How trite, your moral compass is easily shifted with the slightest little eye candy. Pathetic.

      • If your moral compass is guided by corporations and their desire to charge exuberant amounts for music gear and claim monopoly over a design, well, that’s pathetic. Everyone is cloning music gear, from the Stratocaster to the Nerve 1073 and even modular synth gear. Yet people like you think it’s Behringer to blame, and not the need for affordable music gear LMAO🤣 Come down from your “moral high ground” and get a clue

        • And clueless blokes like you think that the likes of Behringer have any real interest in the democratisation of musical gear to masses whilst conveniently restricting/abusing/exploiting their cheap labour force so that you can feel you have seat at the imaginary table of otherwise unstable kit. You keep thinking that.

  2. I’ve been waiting years for this. Back in September 2018, I DM’ed Uli on Gearspace (when he used to be a member there) and suggested that they clone the Polivoks. I recieved a very positive response from him, which ended with his saying “Let’s see :-)” About a year later, it came out that Behringer picked up the trademark. As a big fan of the original, I can’t wait for this!

  3. I hope that is a new eurorack case. The 104 case is too shallow. The CP1A ribbon cables don’t allow for much wiggle room either. Shallow modules only. A shame because Behringer, perhaps more than most, have a great understanding of manufacturing and power supplies for outlets around the world. More so than a small garage company. The price is great for Case + Power Supply but the shallow depth is a bummer.

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