Behringer Found The Model D Warp Drive Or Is It Just Another Teaser For A New Synthesizer?

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Uli Behringer has informed the team that there is a Warp Drive on the back of the Model D or was it all just fake news and it is again a teaser for a new Synthesizer?

One thing is sure: the Behringer team is creative with its product and teaser videos. The latest video release talks about a secret warp drive that Uli Behringer discovered on Model D. What this has to mean is not known.

In the video end, you read the sentence “to be continued” which is a sign that more is coming in that just that.

Behringer Warp Drive

What Can The Warp Drive Be?

No day goes by without a Behringer News (nearly). After the last leaks of the Wasp Deluxe, today there is again a teaser about a supposed Model D Warp Drive. The question of questions, however, is: what does that mean?

It may be that the Model D gets a big firmware update with new features. What features could be that, since the synth actually a purely analog Synthesizer? I can not imagine that to be honest.

Maybe A New Model D Based Synthesizer?

If it will not be a feature update, it may just be a teaser for a new analog Synthesizer. The Wasp Deluxe is probably excluded because we know too much of this already.

Since they show the Model D in the video, this must have an important role in the product. Possible would be a Model D in a keyboard version with more features like a sequencer, etc. Or a kind of poly Model D (polyphonic Minimoog) with a keyboard, effects and more. Much is possible but all this is speculation. So stay tuned for more detailed information in the future.

More information here: Behringer

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