FrapTools Cunsa, quad analog filtering FX processor, overview and developer talk

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Superbooth 23: Frap Tools CUNSA turns four analog pingable filters into a sound processing module with mixing, saturation, and oscillating

The developers of the new CUNSA quad analog filter recently published an excellent overview video where they present the module in detail. This video confirms my first impression. A cleverly-designed powerful filter module with tons of shaping and signal path customization options.

The module is out now.

Update June 14th, 2023

At Superbooth 23, the Italian company Frap Tools released the CUNSA, a quad analog filter made for deep sound processing. In the demo, you immediately notice that it’s more than just 4 filters that are plugged together. The built-in drive options and flexible routing turns it into a super flexible sound processor, including an overdrive/saturator, or even oscillator.

I just published a first-look video about the Cunsa module. But the major part of the video is a developer talk in which we talk about the company, developments, the challenging Eurorack market, their concepts, etc


Article From May 8th, 2023

Italy doesn’t just make delicious food like pizza and pasta. Yes, they can also craft beautiful cars. They also show their talent in the module area. Frap Tools from Modena is a Eurorack manufacturer from the premium segment of the Eurorack world.

The company stands for high-quality modules with great ideas and beautiful designs. Usually thought several steps further than many other modules. For the Superbooth 23, they now do this with the filter. CUNSA is a new module that takes four filters in a wild, sound-mangling celebration full of mixing, saturation, and oscillation.

Frap Tools Cunsa

Frap Tools CUNSATools CUNSA

CUNSA is a sound processor module consisting of filters, saturation, mixing, and oscillation.

FrapTools says that it can gently even a patch, applying a final touch, or it can set it on fire with a ridiculous amount of spice. So a super versatile processing module, which can be your fine dining tool but also a wild beast.

The starting point of CUNSA are four state-variable filters that can be used independently or linked and mixed. You can also arrange freely them in groups for creating mono, stereo, or quadraphonic audio easily.

Deep Filtering

Each filter provides three behaviors simultaneously: lowpass, bandpass, and highpass. And each behavior 12 dB/oct slope, except for the lowpass, which can be either 12 or 24 dB/oct.

The filters respond to V/oct turning them with high resonance in a quad oscillator. Plus, the V/oct inputs are seminormalled so you can control more filters with the same CV. So you can create chords as well. And the filters also offer an AC-coupled ping circuit for creating percussive and organic tones.

Frap Tools has built-in a custom saturation and feedback circuit in the filter section, giving you perfect control and versatility. Besides the usual Q control that emphasizes the cutoff frequency, the Character circuit defines the amount of soft clipping when the filter overloads. There is also high clipping with a fat tone and pure resonance.

Further, FT gives you full control over the routing of the filters. Every filter output can be routed to an analog mix bus that sums the four filters and outputs them in three combinations: all, 1+2, and 3+4. These outputs allow for versatile audio processing.

CUNSA also has a solid amount of CVs. Every filter features additional CV inputs for cutoff frequency, Q, and Character, each with dedicated attenuverters. On the website, you will find a full catalog of sound demos.

First Impression

What a beauty and a huge filter module. Or I should better say sound processing tool. The Italian developers give us here a fascinating quad analog filter module that goes far beyond what classic filters can do.

It summarizes the possibilities of how to use filters (filtering, oscillating, giving character…) in one module but in a quad setup. And thanks to the possibility of chaining the filters, you can turn the “filter” into its own sound mangling effect. Beautiful Simone and the Frap Tools team.

FrapTools CUNSA will ship at the end of May 2023 and will cost 999€.

More information here: FrapTools

Available for pre-order at my partner

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