Superbooth 23: Doepfer A101-8 Photo Phasing, polyphonic mixer, and more

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Superbooth 23: Doepfer announces a new range of modules, including A101-8 Photo Phasing, a polyphonic mixer/suboctave generator, and more.

The Superbooth is the come-together of the Eurorack developer scene. Among these many young companies is Dieter Doepfer, the father of the Eurorack format.

And Dopefer is just as active as the young wild ones. For Superbooth 23, Dieter will present a series of new modules in the bungalow village.

Doepfer Superbooth 23

Doepfer Superbooth 2023

At Superbooth 23, Dopefer will showcase four new modules: A-101-8 Photo Phasing, A-147-4 Dual VCLFO, A171-4 Quad VC Slew Limiter, and A-135-5 Polyphonic Mixer/Suboctave Generator. 

Doepfer A-101-8 Photo Phasing

The new A-101-8 Photo Phasing is an 8-stage phase shifter module that is a replica of the Compact Phasing A manufactured by the company Schulte in the ’70s. According to Doepfer, it uses light-sensitive resistors (LDR) and is almost an exact replica of the original.  Only the illumination control of the LDRs is different, it uses LEDs and minus the built-in LFO.

Doepfer’s replica has CV control, a phasing offset, and mod depth for the external CV. Then, it has an input socket with an attenuator, and you can adjust the feedback and mixing ratio of the output signal. The module has two audio outputs available (same as the historic model) and a visual display of the phase shifting

A-147-4 Dual VCLFO

The second new module is the A-147-4 Dual VCLFO, and as the name says it’s a triangle-core dual voltage-controlled LFO. Each low-frequency oscillator features five waveforms (triangle, sine, rising, falling sawtooth, and rectangle) where the rectangle has manual control over the pulse width and PWM.

There is manual and external CV control over the frequency for each LFO with a dedicated attenuator and polarity switch. By changing the jumper on the back, you can adjust the frequency range of each LFO. Thus, you can also use it as a VCO with a frequency maximum of 2.5kHz. It also comes with a reset input.

Doepfer Superbooth 23

A171-4 Quad VC Slew Limiter

The third module in the list is the A-171-4, a quad voltage-controlled slew limiter. According to Doepfer, its indented purpose is to generate polyphonic portamento. However, you can use it for over application as well.

It uses light-sensitive resistors (LDR), so not all the slew times are exactly the same. The slew time has manual and CV control. Good, the inputs and outputs of the slew limiters are buffered to avoid voltage drops. Doepfer says each output can drive several VCOs without the next of external buffers.

Additionally, the slew inputs and outputs are available at internal pin headers for internal pre-wiring of polyphonic patches.

A-135-5 Polyphonic Mixer/Suboctave Generator

Lastly, we have the A-135-5, the biggest module of the wave of new modules for Superboooth 23. It’s a combination of a voltage-controlled polyphonic mixer and a polyphonic suboctave generator. It consists of 12 VCAs which are arranged in the form of a 4×3 matrix where three 4-voice polyphonic signals can be mixed. You get manual and CV control with an attenuator over the level of each polyphonic channel (A, B, C)

Further, it features four frequency dividers which derive the suboctaves from the four input signals of channel A and routed to the switching contacts of the sockets of channel B. The suboctaves are symmetrical rectangle waves with half the frequency of the corresponding signal A. For example, you can patch two polyphonic VCOs to the A and C. Channel B is then the suboctave provider of channel A.

Plus, the module is DC coupled, making it ready for CV mixing in polyphonic setups. The switching contacts of the 12 input sockets and the four outputs are internally connected to pin headers. So it gives you pre-patched polyphonic options to other modules.

First Impression

An excellent lineup for the Superbooth 23. Doepfer is continuing its polyphonic modules and you can tell that this year they are concentrating on specific applications.

The new Doepfer modules for Superbooth 23 will be available soon. The “A-101-8” will cost 140€, the “A-147-4” 180€, and “A-171-4” 120€ The A-135-5 poly mixer/sub is TBA. You can check out the new modules next week at SB23 at booth B043.

More information here: Doepfer 

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