Sinevibes Hollow, Isomer, Luminance, and Vibrant, supercharge your Korg synths with new FXs

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Sinevibes has released four new Korg FX plugins, including new reverbs, delay, and a deep phaser (Hollow, Isomer, Luminance, Vibrant). 

You often buy a new synth if you are looking for new sounds. This is expensive and does not necessarily lead to success. The Korg SDK logue platform shows that you can get new results without buying a new synth. But only by swapping its internal multi-engine algorithms.

The digital oscillator, and the effects, can be changed here, and thus you can push the synth in a new direction. There are free Korg plugins but also commercial ones. Sinevibes, one of these developers, has now released four excellent new FX plugins that let the logue synths shine in a new light.

Sinevibes Korg Hollow Isomer

These effects are already available from Sinevibes as VST/AU/AAX plugins. But now, in an adapted form, you can get them for your logue synths, including Korg prologue 8/16, minilogue xd, and NTS-1.

Sinevibes Hollow

Hollow is the first new FX plugin for the Korg SDK platform. It’s a super rich-sounding space reverb. At its core is a feedback delay network with 64 connections allowing you to create super lush, almost three-dimension reverb sounds.

According to Sinevibes, it can generate tail times beyond 120 seconds if you max out the settings while still having a smooth and naturally damped exponential decay.  It also hosts a unison-style modulation adding musical depth and richness to the results.

Sinevibes Isomer

Isomer takes you in creative stereo delay spheres. It has two stereo delays offering tempo-synchronized time adjustment and near-infinite feedback. Their outputs are sent into four additional delays (two per channel) with their own individual feedback lines. Plus the time of each delay is modulated by a dedicated LFO signal.

Sinevibes has incorporated mutual phase offsets between these LFOs, and subtle feedback for achieving a delay tail with a magical detuning effect similar to a chorus. And the opposing modulation between the left and right channels, Isomer adds an extra dimension within the stereo field.

Sinevibes Luminance

Let’s quickly return to the reverbs after a little excursion into the delayed world. Luminance is a shimmer reverb with a novel take. It offers an ethereal reverb with a tail that gradually pitch-shifts itself upwards or downwards.

The core of Luminance is based on a feedback delay network with a granular pitch shifter and chorus-style time modulation. Thanks to the perfect engine tuning, it smoothly follows the original musical content and creates a beautiful background sound layer. Sinevibes promises, it is reminiscent of a dreamy symphony of strings or pipe organs.

Sinevibes Vibrant

For all those who have enough delays and reverbs in the Korg Logue library, Sinevibes has an exciting phaser for it. Vibrant is a deep phaser based on a classic analog-inspired design connecting six two-pole all-pass filters in series. It also has a global feedback loop.

Artemiy, the developer says:

“this setup produces three deep notches in the incoming signal’s spectrum, with strong yet smooth resonant peaks around them – possessing a distinct vocal-like character at higher feedback values”.

Further, it hosts a triangle LFO that sweeps the center frequency within two octaves (800 to 3200 Hz).​

Who is Sinevibes?

And for those who always wanted to know who Sinevibes is, where the ideas come from etc. Here is an interview with the founder and one of the two developers Artemiy Pavlov.

First Impression

Four beautiful FX plugins for the Korg logue hardware synthesizers. Especially the reverbs takes the logue synths into super spacey, lush ambient worlds. Great release.

The new Sinevibes Korg plugins Hollow, Isomer, Luminance, and Vibrant are available now for $19 + VAT each. The plugins run on Korg prologue, minilogue xd, and NTS-1.

More information here: Sinevibes 

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