Behringer PRO-800, new firmware with improvements for the 389€ Pro-600 replica Analog clone/replica of the Sequential Pro-600 with 8 voices

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Behringer has today introduced the PRO-800, an analog clone of the iconic Sequential PRO-600 Synthesizer upgraded with 8 voice polyphony. 

Good news for all Behringer Pro-800 users. Another firmware update is now available. This improves the synth again, including better modulations.


  • increased range for the VCF envelope amount and LFO to VCF modulation
  • poly aftertouch reimplemented and improved
  • increased range on the poly mode filter envelope
  • added a lowpass filter to the aftertouch function to smoothen the response and make it more musical.


  • reduced Settings save timer from 47 to 3 sec. which solves all issues related to settings not being stored after a power cycling
  • resolved ARP UP-DN issue when only one key is pressed
  • improved LFO target: resolved Ab, A, and b settings
  • resolved CC=59, LFO target for Ab, A and b which was related to an issue where LFO target was not working when connected to a DAW
  • resolved voice assign issue to the same note, related to some Yamaha piano instruments

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Article From June 22nd, 2023

A few weeks ago, dealers shipped customers the first Behringer Pro-800 synthesizers. The feedback from the media and users so far has been very positive. In terms of sound, the Pro-800 is very convincing with an authentic analog sound.

However, some early users criticized the envelopes being too slow. Behringer has now solved this with a new feature firmware update.

Behringer Pro-800 firmware

Pro-800 Firmware 1.2.6

The new Pro-800 firmware 1.2.6 brings new features, improvements, and bug fixes, including enhanced envelopes

  • enhanced and “snappier” envelope speed
  • implemented a Soft Thru On/Off setting, accessible through the Settings Menu Button 1. This allows users to control the Soft Thru functionality, enabling or disabling as needed.
  • added a Local Oon/Off setting to the Settings Menu Button 1. This feature enables users to determine whether the device responds to local MIDI input or not.
  • fixed issue with failure to recognize VR maximum position during power up
  • resolved USB/MIDI synchronization issue, PPQN (Pulses Per Quarter Note) is set to 24.
  • addressed problem with notes getting stuck during envelope (ENV) shape changes.

And in Europe, the Behringer Pro-800 will soon be available again. According to the Thomann webpage, a new batch will come in 1-2 weeks.


April 29th, 2023

Update: Behringer PRO-800 is available now for pre-order for 389€ at Thomann or for $399 at Sweetwater.


Article From March 3rd, 2023

The chips for the Pro-800, analog clone/replica of the Sequential Pro-600 Synthesizer with eight voices clone/replica have arrived. According to Behringer, the Pro-800 is now in production and is ready for shipping from the factory. But it will take a while because there are massive backorders, says B.

Behringer Pro-800

The official FB releases

PRO800 is on the way. We’re very excited to share that the highly anticipated PRO800 is now finally in production. The global chip shortage has challenged many companies, but we’re happy to see some light at the end of the tunnel.
Thank you all for your immense support and patience. While it’ll take a while to get the synthesizer in your hands as we’re shipping from the factory, we hope that this beautiful instrument will make up for the long wait.
Behringer Pro-800 shipping

Article From December 8th, 2022

Between January and April, the Behringer announcement machinery was at its maximum. Almost every day, there were new synthesizer announcements. Yes, that was crazy and almost gave me nightmares because you almost certainly knew that the next day there would be a photo teaser of a new device.

With the delivery bottlenecks, lack of chips, etc…, this calmed down a lot in the middle of the year. But now there is movement on the horizon again. The Pro-800, the replica/clone of the Sequential Pro-600 with 8 voices announced in September 2020, is ready. According to Behringer, they will ship the first batches in April 2023.

Pro-800 Update

The Pro-800 is ready to move into the studios. Behringer has now also announced all information about features. It’s an authentic clone/replica of the Sequential Prophet 600 Synthesizer. Without a keyboard but as a Eurorack module and with more functionality.

According to Behringer, it will have true 8-voice analog polyphony with two oscillators, a filter, two envelopes, LFO, and a recreation of the iconic poly-mod section. It also comes with all GliGli modifications giving you a noise generator, full MIDI-CC control, and USB-MIDI connectivity.

Plus, you get a dual polyphonic sequencer, a dedicated LFO with six waveshapes, and a VCA overdrive. Very nice extensions that make it a much more capable synth. Behringer also added memory for up to 400 sounds.

Behringer says the batch of Pro-800 will ship in April 2023 and will cost $599 USD. From experience, the first units will appear at retailers in mid-late May then unless a retailer brings them over quickly.

And Behringer also published a new introduction video with a big sound demo. Sounds very good at first sight. I’m curious how it is in the studio without YouTube compression.


Article September 17th, 2020 

It’s never quiet at Behringer. The company today announced the PRO-800, analog clone of the Sequential Pro-600 from 1982. This is created in collaboration with the well-known developer GliGli, known for his Pro-600 modifications.

Instead of cloning the device as it was, they have taken this iconic synth to the next level by upgrading with full polyphony (Pro-600 – 6 voices) and 8 voices. The synth is based on two dual VCOs offering saw pulse and triangle on VCO A, and saw, pulse, tri, and saw, pulse, triangle, PW on VCO B. Also onboard is a noise generator.

Behringer Pro-800

It features an analog filter with the controls cutoff, resonance, envelope, and kybd. Further, it has two ADSR envelopes, one LFO with different destinations, and a poly mode section.

Behringer Pro-800

It is not known whether he has an arpeggiator or sequencer onboard. The buttons on the left can save patches. The Pro-800 also has a MIDI input and CV inputs/outputs for modular synths on the frontpanel. On the backside, you have a single output, footswitch input, MIDI routing matrix, MIDI Thru, USB connection, and a power supply input. It is a pity that it has no stereo out, only mono what is a bit strange for polysynths.

According to Behringer, they target a price of lower than $600 USD and shipment for January 2021 for the PRO-800.

Update: Behringer Pro-800 will be available in April 2023 for $599 USD.

More information here: Behringer

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  1. This one looks like something nice to have but more and more, having been an analog guy, I tend to to be interested in digital synths. I have the Behringer 2600 as my analog monster, but for 600 you get the arturia minifreak, which seems to be much more capable and interesting, and it has keys, effects, sequencer, arpeggiator. To me, somehow the analog days have passed, though it would be nice to have one analog poly, but choosing one poly I would rather go for a digital hybrid one.

    • The Prophet 600 was certainly not that hyped like the older Prophet 5. BUT that doesnt matter. Sometimes it takes time to get famous, often after death. So here the same, Behringer came to give the Prophet 600 the right fame. I have had the 600, and last week the 800 came into my house. And I tell you, Behringer puts now the crown on this underrated synth it earned already for so long time. But with this reincarnation and the additions Behringer made, this will be an incredible story. Finally fame! I tend to listen to my gear, use it as that what it is, an instument, not a technical device. I want to listen to it and hear what comes out, no matter how famous any device was. And here comes the Pro-800, it is time to be a star.

  2. Behringer should just clone the Prophet 6 & Jupiter 8. This are the analog polys everbody wants. I

  3. A regular 600 clone would be unsatisfactory, but a version with all gligli’s enhancements, full cc control, 8 voices and patch memory, does it for me. I have a P-6 and this modern P-800 will deliver the original intended grittier filter sound complementing the P-6 sound, without the control delays and lack of resolution the original P-600 was infamous for.

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