Jamiroquai live synth and keyboard rig tour with Matt Johnson

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In a new video, Matt Johnson shows off his live synth and keyboard rig for the Jamiroquai summer tour 2023.

Summer is the season of festivals. The music goes out of the dark, stuffy hall to the fields. Many festivals are very guitar-heavy, but you also see a lot of synth setups on live stages.

One famous synth player, also an active member of the synth community is Matt Johnsen of Jamiroquai. He is currently on a summer tour with his bandmates.  During the tour rehearsals, he found time to show his current synth and keyboard rig.

Jamiroquai Matt Johnson

Jamiroquai Matt Johnson

The heart of Matt Johnson’s setup is a Yamaha Montage 8 workstation where he works with synthesis and sample material. There is an additional Montage 6 featuring more prepared sounds for the Jamiroquai show. Among other things, he multi-sampled his Roland Jupiter-8 multi in the Montage 8 and use the sounds in combination with the factory content.

The Sequential Prophet 6 above the Montage 8 is used as a classic poly analog Synthesizer. Somewhat hidden in the corner is the new Melbourne Instruments Nina Synthesizer with its fascinating motorized potentiometers. He plays this together with the Montage 6. Also in the live rig is a classic Rhodes electric piano.

A nice compact setup with a lot of sound power. It’s worth taking a look at the video, he shows how he works with it and uses the sound in the songs.

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