New Sequential Trigon-6 Synthesizer patches by Jexus

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Sound designer and YouTuber Jexus has published a new patch library for the Sequential Trigon-6 analog polyphonic Synthesizer. 

With the Trigon-6, Sequential released the last analog Synthesizer that Dave Smith worked on at the end of last year. It’s Sequential’s take on a polyphonic Synthesizer with three oscillators combined with a Moog Ladder filter, a bit like a Polymoog from Sequential.

Recently, the sound designer Jexus has been taking a closer look at the new Sequential synth. During this time, a new patch library was created with many new sounds.

New Sounds

The new Jexus sound pack for the T-6 features 150 new patches, including the sequences from the video demo. The patches cover a wide range of sounds. Jexus does without styles, he says:

There is no one style, because YOU decide what style these patches will be played in. It’s a wide variety of sounds that are meant to inspire, make you look at the synth in a different light and give you a great choice of directions. Some patches are bread & butter, some offbeat; they’re the result of me trying to find the limits of the instrument.

The patches are ready-to-use in music or can serve as starting points; just find the textures or dynamics that you like and easily fine-tune them to suit your exact taste or purpose. I tried not to include patches that would overlap with any other existing soundsets out there, so 90% of my patches should be original-sounding to you.

Jexus is one of those sound designers with a very fine feeling for moods of sounds. He manages to get sounds out of synthesizers that you didn’t otherwise hear in the factory content or other libraries. I’m sure he achieve this also with the Trigon-6.

And for everyone who hasn’t seen my SynthFest video yet. I made a sound design video for the Trigon-6 with CALC.


The new Jexus patch library for the Sequential Trigon-6 is available now for $27,90, 25,90€, or £23,90.

More information here: Sounds For Synths

Sequential Trigon-6 is available at my partners

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